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Merge multiple loans

Combining different loans and credits provides an overview and always yields substantial savings . Especially now that interest rates are historically low, from 3.5%. You save hundreds of euros per year if you can pay off all outstanding credits such as overdraft, credit card debts and mail order credits in one fell swoop through one Personal Loan with a lower interest rate.

If you have loans from different lenders, it is also difficult to keep a good overview. After all, you pay a different (and often too high) interest rate for each loan amount. The interest rates for small loans are proportionally higher than the interest rate for one large loan. If you combine all loans into one Personal Loan , you shorten the term and lower your monthly costs .

Financial Overview

In order to be able to keep a good financial overview, it is easy if your loans are arranged at one central point. We may aggregate your Personal Loans as well as your Revolving Loans. You can also transfer your expensive loans from other lenders to one clear and cheaper Personal Loan, free of charge and safely.

You can merge multiple Personal Loans into one Personal Loan . You can also merge several Revolving Loans into one Revolving Loan. Do you have both a Personal Loan and a Revolving Credit? These can also be combined into one clear Personal Loan.

A penalty interest may be charged in the event of early repayment or transfer of your Personal Loan with another lender. Check this carefully in the conditions. Revolving Loans can always be repaid and transferred without penalty.

When does it pay to merge loans?

A number of situations:

  • You have multiple current loans, overdrafts, credit cards, mail order credits
  • You want to save on the interest on your loans
  • You want a different monthly amount in repayment
  • You want an overview
  • You want clarity about the exact end date of your loan

Merge multiple loans?

By transferring multiple loans and merging them into one loan, you can often save a lot of money. This is because small loans usually have a higher interest rate.

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Transfer service

You can use the online transfer service to transfer a loan with Snaploan Online. This allows you to transfer one or more loans online.

Delete loan

Delete loan

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