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Why do we provide aftercare?

Date: June 19, 2020

Why do we provide aftercare?

Aftercare is important to continue to borrow safely, responsibly and cheaply, which is why we offer this service. Our services do not stop after the payment of the loan amount. We continue to guide our clients throughout the term of their Personal Loan .

When taking out the loan, we first do a BKR check and check whether the loan is justified in terms of income / expenses (according to the loan standards of Nibud).
Then we check:

  • Whether the loan suits your situation
  • Whether customers have sufficient knowledge and experience with borrowing
  • Or an application fits within all laws and regulations regarding loan standards

After taking out the loan, we contact our customers at least once a year to see if everything is still correct in terms of income / expenses / living and family situation. We also discuss whether the loan is going well, whether everything is still satisfactory and whether the interest and conditions are still in line with the market. Are there providers with lower interest rates or better conditions? Then we make our customers aware of this and transfer the loan free of charge.

Do other providers also provide aftercare?

Some do. But not as active as we are and often only recently, under pressure from the AFM (duty of care).

We have always provided aftercare. That's because we know from practice that extra service helps both the customer and ourselves. Our systems are also fully equipped for this, so that we can work flawlessly and don't let anyone 'dangle'. The goal is to take out and repay a loan as safely and responsibly as possible. The result is impressive: 98% of our customers can make repayments every month without any problems!

EXTRA TIP: beware of 'borrowing with a deposit'

Offers for loans without BKR testing circulate on social media. The AFM warns against this : these are illegal credit providers. A BKR test is mandatory for every loan. In addition, with these illegal providers you first have to pay for so-called administration costs or insurance and you will not hear anything afterwards. Money gone, no loan.

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