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Date: June 18, 2020
By: Ronald Gracia

Summer 2020 - Borrow money for a (meaningful) staycation?

This summer everything is going a little differently than usual. After a few months of uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and its consequences for our finances and health, we can again carefully plan for the summer vacation. Many people have received a voucher for canceled trips abroad and can still use it this summer. Others have not booked anything yet, prefer to wait for the international developments or have decided to do something completely different this summer - with a staycation.

Such a holiday in your own country or even in your own garden ('Hintergarten') is not such a bad idea at all for the summer of 2020. But what are the possibilities of a home holiday and how do you spend your staycation in a meaningful way? ?

Possibilities staycation

The term 'staycation' means that it is perfectly possible to have a holiday in your own country or even in your own backyard. Provided it is a real holiday: having to do nothing for a while, do other things than usual and get inspiration. Consider, for example, reading 10 books, camping at the farm, visiting amusement parks or day trips to our beautiful Dutch cities.

Because the vacation abroad has been postponed or even skipped, you usually have money left to do things at home. Moreover, staying at home creates room for reflection. The lockdown also contributed to this: because we were thrown back on ourselves, it became clear what really matters, what does not and what we would still like to develop.

The latter in particular can be interesting for an inspiring staycation. If you are not traveling abroad after all, this summer can be the chance to make a long-cherished dream come true. A conscious choice that improves your quality of life or means another tick on the bucket list:

  • The great moment of indulgence: taste the culinary top at a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars and stay a few nights in a 5-star hotel. A special experience that will always stay with you and you also support the hard-hit hospitality industry with it.

  • Finally learning to play the musical instrument of your dreams: piano, saxophone, drums,… Excellent summer schools and festivals are organized and the purchase of that beautiful musical instrument is finally in sight.

  • Toys for boys: a race clinic in a BMW with 200 hp on a real race track. Then followed by a few masterclasses by experienced (inter) national drivers from the motorsport competition. An experience to remember and a good investment in your own driving skills.

  • Invest in yourself through training or education. During the corona crisis, many people got stuck in terms of their work or career prospects. Has it been brewing with you for a while, but have you never had the time or money for training in a new direction or a step forward? Then this summer is the ideal time to take the leap to a career switch.

  • Renovate your home , make it more sustainable, install solar panels on the roof or have an extension realized? Now it is possible and staying at home will only get more fun after home improvement. In addition, your home will increase in value and any loan is tax-deductible.

  • Marry! Hundreds of weddings have been canceled this summer. So the municipalities have room again for the day of your life. Propose to your loved one and get together for this summer. It will be a beautiful, very pleasant wedding, because most of your guests stay in their own country and can all congratulate you.

  • Your own boat, motorbike or nice caravan for weekends or holidays? For many a dream for years and this staycation is the opportunity.

Staying in your own country or staying at a staycation offers more than enough opportunities this summer to make something beautiful out of it and even to invest in yourself permanently.

Borrow money for staycation

Anyone who wants to make a dream come true or take a smart step towards a bright future, does not always have (sufficient) savings. That does not necessarily have to be a reason to call it off. Especially when making a conscious choice, borrowing money for your staycation or dream during a home holiday is a good option.
After all, you spend your money / loan on something meaningful and do not let it evaporate in all kinds of unconscious, small expenses or an unnecessary impulse purchase that you regret. With us you can borrow from 5000 us dollars .

Personal Loan: borrowing security and safe

A Personal Loan offers the most security. You borrow a fixed amount once for a clear destination or purpose. The interest is currently historically low (from 3.5%) and is fixed for the entire term. The amount decreases after each repayment and you can always make extra repayments without penalty.

At Snaploan Online, we have seen a decrease in loans for cars since the corona crisis, but a sharp increase in loans for study , home improvement, caravan / boat / motorcycle and unique experiences in the Netherlands. A clear sign that consumers are extra aware during this period of the opportunities offered by the corona crisis and a staycation. And dare to act accordingly.

Also want to know how much you can borrow for your smart home vacation plans? Calculate here how much you can borrow responsibly or request a quote without obligation .

EXTRA TIP: Stay at home also offers an opportunity to sort out your finances and save a lot. For example, do you have one or more expensive loans (credit card, overdraft, purchase on installment )? A waste of money and also unclear. You can transfer your expensive loans to a Personal Loan safely and cheaply , now that the fixed interest rate is historically low. The savings will help you make one of the above dreams come true during your staycation, with or without borrowing a little bit.

We wish you a lot of fun, success and satisfaction with your staycation!

Ronald Gracia

Partner and Head of Acceptance

Author: Ronald Gracia

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