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Buying furniture on credit

Your current furniture needs to be replaced; you want to redecorate your home with a new table, corner sofa, chairs and cupboards. How do you pay for your purchases? Buying your furniture on installment is possible at several furniture stores. You can also choose to take out a consumer credit and arrange the payment in this way. We list the advantages and disadvantages of the options.

Co-financing your household effects with a mortgage is no longer possible from 2018.

Buying furniture on credit

In the past, it was possible to shop at Ikea and pay for purchases afterwards via the option buy on installment (or buy on credit). This is no longer possible . This form of financing is still possible at other furniture stores such as Goossens Meubelen. You can buy your furniture from them, both online and in the store, and then pay back the total amount in installments afterwards. This payment in installments gives you the opportunity to immediately dispose of the furniture without having to pay the full amount. The payment option buying on installment is also often offered for cars and kitchens. They advertise with the slogan “buy now, pay later”.

High interest rate

The interest rate that is calculated for the installment payment afterwards is in most cases the maximum permitted rate, which is determined by law. The convenience that buying on installment offers therefore has a price tag; an interest of 14%. That is a lot higher than the interest on a consumer credit .

Get a loan

Taking out a loan has a big similarity with buying on installment : you buy a product but you do not have to pay the full purchase amount immediately. The advantage of a loan over installment payment afterwards is the interest rate payable. You can take out a personal loan from 3.5%. In the meantime, you may repay the loan without penalty so that you are debt-free sooner.

BKR review

A BKR test is carried out when buying on installment or when taking out a loan. You must have sufficient financial space to enter into a new financial commitment. Because borrowing money costs money regardless of the loan form. The assessment at the BKR must contribute to responsible borrowing behavior so that consumers do not run into payment arrears or run into problems.

Request quote

Do you want to take out a loan for your new furniture? Request a quote online without obligation. You will receive an overview from us containing the proposal from our partner banks. You choose the best proposal yourself; we convert that into the desired loan for you.

Co-finance furniture with a mortgage

Co-financing new furniture with your mortgage is no longer an option from 2018. The maximum mortgage has been reduced from 101% to 100%. There is no longer any room to finance furniture, renovation or costs for the buyer through an increase in the mortgage. Co-financing with a mortgage was an expensive choice because furniture does not have an economic life of 30 years. With a loan, you adjust the term to the economic life of your loan goal.

Transfer to a low interest loan

Are you now paying 14% interest and do you want to pay less interest? You can transfer the expensive current credit free of charge to a loan with a low interest rate and favorable conditions. Given the economic lifespan, most consumers opt for a personal loan where the interest, term and monthly costs are fixed.

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Delete loan

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