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Interbank loan transfer

Interbank no longer provides interest-only loans . Customers with such an originally redemption-free credit must structurally make (more) repayments. Interbank has determined that 1% of the credit will be used as the installment amount. With a redemption-free credit, only interest was paid and nothing or hardly any repayments.

Interbank Continuous redemption-free credit

You have taken out a redemption-free credit with Interbank . You currently only pay interest on the loan and you do not repay anything; an inexpensive way of borrowing. However, Interbank will charge you at least 1% of the credit limit as an installment amount so that the credit is repaid. This new measure is ultimately in your interest; namely paying off the loan. It does mean that you now have to pay more. In the event of an interest rate rise, the intended result is lost for you: the term of the credit becomes longer because you spend more on the interest. You will experience that the repayments have been in vain in this case. This has a demotivating effect and can even be irresponsible if you do not currently have a financially stable situation.

Transferring existing Revolving Credit

You can always transfer a current interest-only loan with another lender to a new party free of charge . We can offer you a Personal Loan with lower interest and monthly charges on more favorable terms. Interest rates are currently even historically low (from 3.5%). We do not impose a higher monthly payment on you by the bank. Thanks to the lower interest, you can usually repay the loan at the same monthly payment that you already paid. Conclusion: your monthly amount remains low and you still pay off the loan. By way of comparison: in Interbank's proposal you also repay the loan, but you will pay more per month. Switching your loan to a cheaper loan with better conditions is therefore to your advantage.

Convert revolving credit to personal loan

Do you want to convert your current expensive and unfavorable credit into a loan with more certainty and a fixed end date?

Transferring a Revolving Loan to a Personal Loan means that you pay the same monthly payments every month throughout the entire loan. The interest and term are fixed, so you can be sure that you have repaid the full loan amount on the end date of the loan. In this case, converting a loan form means security and better conditions. You also benefit from the historically low fixed interest rate. The term of a Personal Loan is between 6 and 120 months. You take out a loan with us for 10 years fixed interest from 3.5%.

Benefits of transferring Revolving Credit to a Personal Loan

  • The fixed low interest rate of a Personal Loan is often lower than the variable interest rate of a Revolving Credit.
  • Transferring to a Personal Loan means that you lock in the current low interest rate, for the entire term of the loan. So you know exactly where you stand every month.
  • A Personal Loan is a one-off amount that you cannot withdraw afterwards. So your debt decreases every month after each repayment.
  • Many banks no longer offer Revolving Credit or gradually block existing Revolving Credit. Even though you can no longer withdraw amounts, the interest still remains variable. Why would you still hold an expensive loan with a (high) variable interest rate if you can switch to a loan with a fixed low interest rate free of charge?

Do you want to make extra repayments on the Personal Loan in the meantime? This is always possible without penalty and free of charge.

Online transfer service

Transferring a loan is not difficult and offers immediate benefits. You can use our online transfer service so that your Interbank credit is transferred to a Personal Loan. You get one clear overview with proposals from the various banks and you choose the proposal that best suits your personal and financial situation. You get the best interest in the Netherlands. We do not charge closing and advice costs.

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