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Wehkamp loan

Save on your expensive Wehkamp loan. Borrowing from 3.5%

Just when you were short on cash, your washing machine broke down. You were diligently looking for opportunities to buy a new washing machine when you found the solution at Wehkamp. It seemed almost too good to be true; buy a washing machine now, with the option of repaying it in installments .

Time for a reality check. It is also too good to be true. You pay 10% -14% interest for this loan! A sky-high interest rate that ensures that the total price of your washing machine is many times higher than the actual cost price.

Transfer loan

You can credit your Wehkamp easily and without financial risk leaving close to a Personal Loan . This loan has a fixed term and a fixed interest rate. After this term, your loan will be fully repaid. The interest on a personal loan is currently historically low (from 3.5%). So you are always much cheaper than with the 10-14% interest that you now pay at Wehkamp.

Transfer multiple loans

Do you have additional monthly payment obligations to other companies where you have purchased on installment? Then you probably pay far too much interest. Often people also lose track of all monthly repayments and a debt-free existence seems miles away. That can be done differently. We can merge your various loans into one Personal Loan. You then borrow an amount once with which you pay off all other outstanding loans at once, at a much lower interest rate. This creates an overview, because you know exactly what amount is still outstanding, how long your loan will still run and what your monthly costs are.

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Request a quote without obligation to see what you can save monthly if you transfer your expensive Wehkamp loan. You can immediately see what fixed monthly costs you have and how long it will take before you have repaid the loan.

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