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Residual debt co-financing Rabobank

From 3.5% interest!

Would you like to co-finance your new home through Rabobank, but do you still have a residual debt from your previous home? We are happy to tell you what your options are for co-financing your residual debt.

Residual debt mortgage Rabobank

Co-financing your residual debt through Rabobank may be possible. However, for this you must meet the requirements set by Rabobank for co-financing a residual debt. The most important aspects in considering whether or not you can co-finance your residual debt in a mortgage from Rabobank are your income and the value of the new home. Unfortunately, the income is often sufficient, but the value of the new home is not, which makes co-financing the residual debt in a mortgage often difficult or impossible.

The alternative; finance your residual debt with consumer credit

If it is not possible to co-finance your residual debt in a mortgage, a consumer credit is a good alternative. A consumer credit in the form of a personal loan or revolving credit to pay for your negative equity is tax-deductible, just like a mortgage. Also, the personal loan and revolving credit are often cheaper than a mortgage because no additional closing, advice and notary costs are charged. A consumer loan is a very interesting alternative to a mortgage with Rabobank to finance your residual debt.

In addition to what Rabobank offers, also study the possibilities of other lenders for co-financing your residual debt. Financing your residual debt through a specialized broker such as the Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij is often cheaper than through the Rabobank. Take the time to compare the offer, this can save you a lot of money.

For more information about co-financing the residual debt, read the article 'Co-financing your residual debt' or request a quote without obligation and you will receive quotes from our partners within one day.

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