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Pay off a residual debt: the options at a glance

Have you sold your home at a loss or are you planning to sell your home but is it 'under water'? Then you are left with a residual debt. You can pay off this residual debt in various ways. We list them for you.

Properties of a Loan for a Residual Debt

Fixed extra low interest from 3.5%

Homeowners benefit from additional interest savings.

Fixed monthly charges

You always know where you stand.

Financing residual debt

Pay off your residual debt inexpensively.

Specialized banks

Borrow money responsibly from a reputable bank .

Pay off a residual debt on a mortgage with a National Mortgage Guarantee

Did you take out the National Mortgage Guarantee at the start of your mortgage? Then you may be able to pay off your residual debt with the help of the Waarborgfonds Eigen Woning foundation, which provides the National Mortgage Guarantee. If you had to sell your home through, for example, dismissal or divorce, and you have done everything to limit the loss, your residual debt will be forgiven. The foundation will pay off the residual debt to the bank on your behalf.

Pay off residual debt with savings

Paying off the residual debt with savings is a good option. If you have sufficient savings to pay off the residual debt, you do not need to take out a new loan or make an arrangement with a collection agency. Of course it costs you (part of) your savings, but you can pay off your residual debt in one go.

If you do not have sufficient savings or do not want to use your savings, you can pay off your residual debt with a loan. Sometimes you can co-finance the residual debt when purchasing a new home. Another, more common option is taking out a personal loan or revolving credit to pay off the residual debt. The total costs of such a loan are usually lower than a mortgage and the interest is tax deductible. We recommend that you compare the offers and conditions of different lenders before taking out a loan. A loan with a low interest rate but unfavorable conditions, such as a penalty for early repayment, can mean that you are still more expensive. Therefore, pay close attention, paying off a residual debt is already expensive enough.

Paying off your residual debt with a loan through the Dutch Credit Company is cheaper than with your bank. Thanks to the cooperation with specialized lenders, our online working method and the mediation without advice and closing costs, we can make you a more competitive offer. For more information about a personal loan or revolving credit to pay off your residual debt, go to overview loans or request a quote without obligation.

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