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Replace your old frames for a durable, burglar-proof and low-maintenance variant. You can borrow from us online, safely and responsibly from 5000 us dollars.

Wooden or plastic frames?

What is the better choice, wooden or plastic frames? There is something to be said for both materials.

Wooden frames are a lot more difficult to maintain, more expensive (hardwood) and offer a lower insulation value. The appearance remains more natural and wooden frames are generally less susceptible to burglary.

Plastic frames are a lot cheaper, low maintenance, last a lifetime and have a high insulation value. The disadvantage is the burglary sensitivity, although they are produced more and more resistant to burglary.

Costs of window replacement

Of course it makes a difference whether you live in an apartment, single-family house or villa. In general, however, wooden window frames cost USD 700 to USD 950 per m2.
Plastic frames cost approximately USD 650 to USD 800 per m2. Prices apply in both cases including HR ++ glass.

A calculation example. For hardwood frames you pay about 8250 us dollar for 6 windows with a joint surface area of ​​approximately 10 m2 (at an average of 825 euros / m2).

For plastic frames with an average of 725 euros / m2, this amounts to approximately 7250 us dollars.

Personal loan

With a Personal Loan you borrow a fixed amount once for a specific loan purpose . The agreed amount is often already on your account within 2 working days. The term and interest are fixed, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards. You borrow responsibly, based on your financial contribution.

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4 Tips for window replacement

  1. Pay close attention to maintenance when choosing wooden or plastic frames. Wood can rot and peel due to exposure to all weather conditions. Cracks and open seams also play a role. So you have to work on it every few years. Plastic frames, on the other hand, are very low maintenance. You simply wipe it with a soft cloth and soapy water every year.
  2. Pay attention to the insulation value when choosing the type of window frames. The current plastic frames often offer 3x as much insulation value as wooden frames.
  3. Always request multiple quotes for replacing your frames. Also check carefully the agreements regarding any additional work.
  4. When applying for a Personal Loan, pay attention to the term. Of course a long term with low monthly costs is nice. But in the end you pay less interest with a shorter term.

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