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Convert revolving credit Interbank to personal loan

Does your “old” current Interbank loan no longer match your wishes or your personal and financial situation? You can calculate online yourself whether the transfer of your loan means a saving. If your loan has been running for a while, there is a good chance that you will pay a lower interest if you decide to convert the loan to a new one. Make use of our transfer service: efficient and free of charge.

Convert personal loan

Interest is now low. If you have a loan that has been running for a while, there is a good chance that the interest you pay is higher than the current one. You may refinance the loan free of charge so that you benefit from the low interest rate and therefore lower monthly costs for the remaining term of the loan.

Is the Interbank personal loan no longer connecting because, for example, you want to be able to withdraw repaid amounts again? Then switch the personal loan to a revolving credit. This loan form has a variable interest rate and you only pay that interest on the drawn balance of the loan. Of course, switching from the current loan to a new personal loan is also an option if, for example, you want to change the term and want a lower interest rate.

Transfer revolving credit

Do you have your current “old” revolving credit with Interbank and have you calculated that the current interest yields a benefit for you in terms of monthly costs? You may transfer your revolving credit to a new credit. Interbank can no longer offer 1% for its revolving credit in terms of repayment. Suppose you want to borrow € 25,000 and pay a maximum of € 250 per month. The minimum percentage at Interbank is 1.5%, so the monthly charge will be € 375.00. You can transfer your credit to a lender that offers 1%.

If you convert the credit into a personal loan, you can secure the favorable low interest rate for the remaining term of the loan. With this loan form, the term is also fixed, so you are debt-free on the end date of the loan. Nowadays, extra interim repayments on the loan can be made free of charge on both types of loan.

Merge (Interbank) loans

In the case of several current loans, it can be difficult to keep a financial overview. If you transfer these loans into one large loan, you will be dealing with one monthly amount instead of several. You have an overview, but at the same time you get more benefits in the form of a lower interest rate because the interest on high loan amounts is lower than interest on small amounts.

Create overview: merge several loans

Interbank loan transfer

You can transfer your Interbank loan via our free transfer service . You fill in your details online and we will take care of the rest. Your current Interbank loan will be terminated and you will receive a new proposal from us. It is good to know that you do not pay any advice and closing costs. We work digitally with renowned partner banks, including Interbank. Thanks to our online method , we can offer low interest rates and favorable conditions.

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