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Save on your loan with Moneyou

The benefits of a Personal Loan with Snaploan Online

You want to borrow money as responsibly as possible. With a Personal Loan, the loan amount, the term and the interest are determined in advance. That is precisely why there are no surprises afterwards. It gives you the safety and security to borrow money as responsibly as possible.

  • Fixed low interest rate from 3.5% - Lowest in the Netherlands!
  • Borrow a fixed amount from € 5,000
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed installments
  • Always pay extra without penalty
  • Secure, responsible and affordable online closing

Transfer your Moneyou loan

You have a loan or credit with Moneyou at a higher interest rate than with Snaploan Online. You can refinance your loan to save on monthly costs. Refinancing the loan not only gives you a new low interest rate, but possibly also better conditions. You can always make additional repayments on the loan at any time, completely without penalty. Our working method is largely the same as with Moneyou. Nevertheless, we can offer a lower interest rate and therefore a cheaper loan. This is due to our collaboration with several partner banks and because we only focus on loans.

We are happy to show you exactly how much money you save by transferring your loan to us with Moneyou. Calculate your savings by indicating below the conditions under which you now have a loan with Moneyou.

Delete loan

Delete loan

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You can repay {{(currentLoan.period - otherLoan.period)}} months less

It seems that we cannot offer you a cheaper loan


View the comparison below with the cheapest alternative from one of our partners

Your current loan Our offer Our offer
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Monthly charge {{currentLoan.monthlyCosts | currency}} {{newLoan.monthlyCosts | currency}} {{otherLoan.monthlyCosts | currency}}
Duration {{currentLoan.period}} months {{newLoan.period}} months {{otherLoan.period}} months
Interest rate {{currentLoan.showRente}} {{newLoan.interest}} {{otherLoan.interest}}
Total amount to be paid {{currentLoan.totalprice | currency}} {{newLoan.totalprice | currency}} {{otherLoan.totalprice | currency}}
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How come we are cheaper than Moneyou?

Moneyou does work online - just like us - but they do not cooperate with different banks. As a result, Moneyou only offers one choice with one interest rate. We work with various partner banks , including DEFAM , Nationale Nederlanden, BNP Paribas and Interbank . This allows us to show multiple proposals and offer lower interest rates.

Thanks to this method, we are always cheaper than the major banks, and also cheaper than Moneyou. In addition, we do not offer advice. People who take out a loan with us must already have some knowledge about and experience with borrowing money. That seems irresponsible, but in practice the opposite is the case. 98% of our customers are able to make monthly repayments flawlessly. We therefore do not charge any costs for advice. We also offer a website that provides our customers with immediate clarity and comes with a realistic offer. As a result, the risk of problem payments is low.

All in all, we can keep our interest low and offer you a loan more cheaply.

In the overview below, we have listed the interest rates of our partner banks and those of the traditional banks. This way you can see at a glance what the difference in interest rates is under different conditions.

Personal loan with Moneyou?

You can easily transfer your personal loan at Moneyou to a new personal loan with us. We can easily take care of that for you. We will take care of the rest after receiving your request. This way you can take advantage of your new cheaper loan in the short term.

Merge multiple loans

Do you have multiple loans with Moneyou and have you lost the overview? We can transfer the loans and merge them into one clear large loan.
The advantage is not only that you gain more insight, you will also pay less interest. The interest on a high loan amount is lower than the interest on small amounts.

Working method and conditions of Snaploan Online

After you have made a choice from one of the loan forms, fill in our online quotation request form . You hereby instruct us to request a quote from our partner banks without obligation and without additional costs. We request additional, confidential information from you via e-mail and Mijn Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij (my SNLO), which we need to complete the application.

Within a few hours of your application, you will receive a personal offer from our partner banks in one clear overview. This way you can compare interest rates, terms and conditions at a glance. This overview can also be found on your personal page in 'Mijn Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij' (Mijn SNLO). You will receive the best offers, which you actually qualify for based on your data.

You select the partner bank of your choice and instruct us to draw up the contract for the selected loan. You can view and download this contract via email and My SNLO. You can then also digitally deliver / upload the signed and requested documents via this secure personal environment.

Make extra repayments? Always penalty-free!

You can always make extra repayments on the loan free of charge. No fine will be charged for this. You reduce the debt with these extra repayments. Do you have a financial windfall and can you repay the loan in full? That can also be done without penalty at any time.

Free online transfer service

Transferring your Moneyou loan or credit is simple and error-free via our online transfer service. You fill in your details and we will then arrange the rest, so that you will pay a low (er) interest. You do not pay any advice and closing costs .

Do you want to insure your loan in the event of death? Then take out life insurance together with your loan.

Insight with My Snaploan Online

To keep the application process as short as possible, we will create a personal page for you on My Dutch Credit Company. In this way you can upload your data and follow the application process in a personal and secure digital environment.

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If you want to borrow money, you probably also have questions. For example, which loan suits your loan goal or how we work. That is why we have collected the most frequently asked questions, important concepts and loan goals for you.

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