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Do you want to borrow money as quickly as possible and borrow money without hassle ? It is possible to borrow money urgently, so be careful, because the process is subject to strict rules by the Financial Supervision Act .

Risks and legislation

Borrowing money is an attractive option for many consumers to finance a large purchase that would otherwise not be possible. But borrowing money always costs money. However low the interest rates are, you pay a monthly amount to repay your loan.

What are the risks of borrowing money quickly?

Some risks that you should take into account when you want to borrow money quickly:

  • You decide too quickly and have not obtained extensive information (impulse loan).
  • Having money in the account quickly often also means spending quickly. The risk that you lose sight of the fact that the loan must also be repaid, plus the interest. The danger is that you will then take out a new loan. Sometimes even to pay off the first loan (filling gaps with more and more borrowed money).
  • Borrowing money means that you have a debt. Is there an unexpected problem and you are unable to pay the repayment? Then the debt remains and can even increase. That is why you must always have a realistic picture of your financial situation.

Legislation to borrow money safely

The WFT (Financial Supervision Act) protects consumers against irresponsible borrowing behavior. Therefore, you must know which loan suits you well and whether the amount of the loan is justified for your situation.

Your request for quotation must then be assessed according to the legal standards (by the bank). It takes time. No bank or lender should therefore advertise with unrealistic terms such as 'borrow money within 24 hours'. That is why SNLO does not offer payday credit .

The fastest and yet safe option to borrow money urgently is within at least 2 working days. This is possible through De Nederlandse Krediet Maatschappij.

Have your money within 2 working days?

You can dispose of the borrowed money within 2 working days via De Nederlandse Krediet Maatschappij. As a specialist in consumer credit (Personal Loan and Revolving Credit), we understand that you sometimes need money urgently. We have set up all our processes in such a way that you can borrow money responsibly and quickly:

  • Everything online: no personal visit required for your application.
  • Clarity and time savings: compare your borrowing options at 5 different banks in one overview.
  • Being able to achieve your goal safely and quickly without making concessions to the legal quality of your loan. Borrowing money quickly is never a good idea. A well-considered decision and well prepared will come.
  • Fully online collaboration with our 5 partner banks. This allows us to offer loans quickly, flawlessly and cheaper than regular banks.

WFT regulations

Borrowing money is an attractive option for many consumers to finance a large purchase that is otherwise not possible, but borrowing money always costs money. However low the interest rates are; you have to repay the loan and you pay a monthly amount for this.

The WFT is to protect the consumer to ensure that a loan is properly considered and that the amount of the loan is justified . Two conditions that take time and are not sorted out and settled within a day. They do not go together with a slogan such as “borrow money quickly and urgently”, according to the WFT, which is why you will not read these statements anywhere.

The WFT regulations for advertisers are:

  • Place a credit warning bar in every advertisement with the text: “Please note, borrowing money costs money”. The size of the warning bar must meet certain requirements
  • The advertisement may not contain a stated term within which the credit application is decided, such as “we will arrange your application within 10 minutes”
  • The advertisement may not contain a stated time at which the credit offer is made, such as “within 3 hours you will receive a quote for your loan”
  • The ad must not contain a stated time when the customer can dispose of the money such as “call us now and you will receive money immediately”
  • It should not be suggested that current credit obligations are irrelevant. Such as “current loans are no objection”

Borrowing money quickly

  • You decide too quickly and have not received extensive information (impulse loan)
  • The convenience of taking out a loan; you have money in your account quickly. Not everyone can handle this well; the money is spent quickly. The “danger” is that you reapply for a loan and lose sight of the fact that the loans have to be repaid
  • Borrowing money means that you have a debt. If there is an unexpected problem, it may be that you cannot meet the repayment of the loan. The debt remains and increases

Borrowing money quickly and submitting a credit application urgently is an option for consumers who are aware of the risks. The saying "haste is rarely a good thing" also applies to most cases of borrowing money. If you have listed everything and you still choose the option to borrow money, the application is easy and can be submitted online. Because everything goes online, the application can quickly be converted into the requested loan. We work quickly, flawlessly and cheaply and without consultancy costs.

Our method

You would like to borrow money, but how do you take out a loan? We have listed a number of steps for you so that you gain more insight into how to apply for a loan from us.

  1. Determine loan amount, term and monthly payment

    Determine what amount you need to borrow to make your purchase. With a Personal Loan, you will receive the loan amount once to finance the purchase. You repay the loan in monthly installments during the agreed term. You can best adjust the term you choose to the economic life of your purchase. For example, it is often not wise to choose a term of 10 years for the purchase of a second-hand car. There is a chance that you will still have the loan while your car is already due for replacement. In addition, when choosing the term, take the corresponding monthly payment into account. A longer term means a lower monthly payment and vice versa. This way you avoid surprises in advance, during the term or even afterwards and you know exactly when you will be debt-free again.

  2. Request a quote

    After you have determined how much you want to borrow and how you want to pay off the loan, fill in our online quote request form . You hereby instruct us to request a quote from our banks without any obligation and free of charge . We request the offer from several banks so that you get a complete overview of all your options.

  3. Compare the offer in your personal and safe My SNLO environment

    After a few hours you will receive the offer from our banks by e-mail and in your personal My SNLO environment in one overview. Here you can compare the interest, all conditions and lead times of the banks at your leisure. You then make a choice for the offer that best suits your needs.

  4. Provide required documents
    After you have made a choice for a loan, you deliver the necessary documents digitally in your personal secure My SNLO environment. Here you will find which documents you must submit exactly and you can follow the progress of your loan application. We draw up the contract for the chosen loan. You can then view and download this contract by e-mail and My SNLO.
  5. We will take care of the rest

    After you have digitally submitted the signed contract and other necessary documents to us, we ensure that the bank pays the loan within the number of working days specified.

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have applied for a loan for a camper

"applied for a loan to buy a camper very easy acceptance delivered my annual figures of 3 years because I am my own boss it was arranged in no time. top"

Posted on: 17-09-2020

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