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Small and large loan amounts from 3.5% fixed interest

Small and large loan amounts: you can apply for your loan online at Snaploan Online yourself . Online, error-free and affordable from 3.5%. You need a new car , you have been dreaming of your own caravan for years, maybe it is high time to refurbish your home or you just want to apply for a loan to spend extra money . There are many different reasons that can lead to a loan.

With us you can apply for the desired loan online. We will then arrange the rest. Do you want to calculate how much you can borrow? Then view our page " How much can I borrow ".

Apply for a loan, how does it work?

With us you can borrow money online in four simple steps:

1 Apply online

You fill in our application form online. We then request the best offer for you from the banks.

2 Compare the offers

You will receive the offer of 5 banks in 1 overview. You can then indicate whether and which offer you want to use.

Deliver 3 pieces

If you have opted for an offer, you can digitally supply the required documents in your personal environment.

4 Payout

After we have received all documents in good order, we will arrange the rest and ensure that the bank pays out within 2 working days.

There are two types of loan you can choose from:

Personal loan

    • You want security: a loan with a fixed interest rate and term
    • You are between 21 and 68 years old
    • You want to borrow money for a specific purpose (car, home, residual debt)

You will receive a specific amount once. The bank will transfer the entire amount to your account. You then repay the loan monthly with a fixed monthly amount in repayment and interest. The interest is fixed for the entire term of the loan. So you will not be faced with any surprises during interest rate fluctuations. This provides the security you want.

Apply for a personal loan

Revolving credit

    • You like flexibility: you want to withdraw money if you want to
    • You are between 21 and 66 years old
    • You want extra financial space (more spending space)

With a revolving credit you always have access to extra money. You do not have to deal with a predetermined term and you pay the interest on the basis of the applicable interest rates. This loan form gives you the flexibility you are looking for. You do not pay interest on the money you do not withdraw. You can freely withdraw your money up to the agreed limit. You benefit from low interest rates, but if the interest rate rises, you pay more interest and you repay less, which increases the term of the loan.

Apply for continuous credit

You choose the loan form that best suits your situation.

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