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Can I borrow money with benefits?

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In some cases you can borrow money with benefits. However, it is not self-evident that lenders will lend money to people on benefits. To borrow money, a fixed income is important, which is certainly not always the case with a benefit. An unsteady income increases the payment risk, so that lenders often lower the borrowing capacity and charge a higher interest.

A fixed income from benefits increases the chance that borrowing money with benefits is possible. In order to borrow money with benefit, it is also important that the benefit is paid in full during the term of the loan. Do you have an AOW, WAO or WIA benefit and are you no longer being re-examined? Then you can borrow money with benefits and your income is often included 100%. Do you want to borrow money with benefits, but are you still being re-examined or do you have a WGA or IVA benefit? In that case, lenders will take a maximum of 70% of your income from the benefit. People with unemployment benefits or unemployment benefits cannot usually borrow money with benefits. If you have a partner with a fixed income, then it is more likely that you can borrow money with benefits.

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