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Borrow extra money for homeowners

Borrow extra Mortgage

"In most cases it is therefore no longer possible to borrow more money through your mortgage. It is possible to take out a loan in addition to your mortgage."

Borrow extra money in addition to a mortgage

Since January 2018, it is no longer possible to borrow extra money with your mortgage. The maximum mortgage amount is 100% of the value of the home. It is therefore no longer possible to borrow extra money to renovate your house, to purchase a new interior or to pay the costs for the buyer. You are dependent on your savings or you can take out a personal loan to provide for these costs.

In most cases it is therefore no longer possible to borrow more money through your mortgage. It is possible to take out a loan in addition to your mortgage.

Advantages Personal loan

  • Fixed low interest rate, fixed term and a fixed monthly amount
  • As a home owner you benefit from additional interest benefits. You receive a fixed, low interest rate from 3.5%
  • You can always make extra repayments on your loan without penalty
  • When you take out a personal loan with the aim of renovating or improving your owner-occupied home, you can take advantage of a tax benefit . You can then deduct the interest costs from the tax.

The correct order

It is important that you have the correct order when you want to borrow extra money for your home. When you have a loan, this can prevent you from taking out a mortgage. And that's not what you want. That is why it is important that the loan is paid out after the mortgage has been passed through the notary. It is possible that you apply for the loan in advance and make everything in order before the moment of payment, so that this can be arranged immediately after you have visited the notary.

Curious about the possibilities?

Are you curious how much you can borrow? Calculate it yourself online and see what is possible for your personal situation.

Borrow extra for kitchen or bathroom

After a long search, you have bought your dream home, but the kitchen or bathroom does not quite suit your taste. You currently do not have the financial means to purchase a new kitchen, but you would actually prefer to tackle your move thoroughly in one go. So that you will not be in the renovation drum again in 5 years, but can use it again in the coming years.

With a personal loan you do not have to save for years first, and it is still possible to realize your dream kitchen.

Borrow extra money for furniture or garden

You can't wait to get home to your new home. After a busy day at work, relax on the couch with your legs up. But yes ... the furniture from your previous home does not match your new home very well. You would prefer to put all your old furniture on Marktplaats and choose a completely new interior.

And how wonderful it would be if you could thoroughly tackle the garden as well. So that you can enjoy the evening sun in your beautiful garden after work.

It's possible. With a personal loan you have the financial possibilities to realize your dreams.

Borrow extra for rebuilding or renovation

You have found the home you have been looking for for so long, but you still have some wishes. The bathroom is not to your taste, you want to have the wooden frames replaced by plastic frames or you want to place a dormer in the attic.

You can also apply for a loan for a renovation. This way you can start right away in a new house that is completely finished.

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