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Validity of the contract offered

How long is the offered contract valid?

Apply for a loan

If you submit a loan application, you will receive a proposal from us containing the offers from our partner banks; you choose the best offer. We draw up a definitive contract based on your choice. This contract is valid for one to three months , depending on which bank you choose. Depending on your wishes, we do our best to take into account the validity periods of the contract offered.

How do I apply for a loan

Validity period per bank

The validity period of the contract per bank:

Effective date of the loan

You can start the loan on the date that best suits your needs. You can choose from the following two options:

Interest rate change

The offered contract is valid for between one and three months. If the interest rate changes to a lower rate within this period, the contract will be adjusted to the new current interest rate. You take out a loan with us for an expenditure that will actually be used within one to three months.

New request

Do you need long-term financing, ie after three months? Then a new application is required due to the expiry of the validity of the contract.

All conditions in case of borrowing money

Not only the period of validity of the contract offered on the basis of the quotation submitted is included in the conditions. You can download all our general terms and conditions, as well as all information about the loan types. You will receive the 'European Standard Information for Consumer Credit' together with our quotation so that you can keep all information clearly and completely.

Current interest rates

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