5 Aldi household products that rival Ikea


in the world of home decorEach style adapts perfectly to each of our tastes and preferences. Many of these furniture and utensils not only serve as decorative elements, but they will also bring you joy Ease of use and functionality That you want a lot in the furniture of your home.

supermarket chain Aldi The world of home decor is meant to compete with big multinationals like Ikea or Leroy Merlin 5 products that they become one sales success For a German franchise as they help you add a touch of elegance and functionality to your home decor.

Shoe rack door hanger house building IKEA

This is the first of these selected products in Aldi’s Home range Home Creations Zapatero, an element that serves as a vertical shoe rack that you can place behind any door in your home. A product that can be attached to any standard door 2-4cm thickAbout the chromed steel frame can you save 18 mercury of shoes. An item that Aldi has at a price that’s hard to beat because it only costs 16.99 euros,

radio controlled clock

Chrontal radio controlled clock Aldi at. available on 6 different models, depending on the color or finish you prefer. In addition to the time, this device has a Temperature and moon phase displayBesides, it has one independent alert For weekdays and weekends. for only 11.99 eurosYou can do that with this Chronicler wall clock in every Aldi branch.

Krontal radio controlled clock with up to 6 different models

IKEA Living Art sea level

Everyone wants to spend their life on a boat, exploring and exploring the world, which explains the boom in decoration with nautical elements in our country. So if you are a lover of the sea and want to add a distinctive touch to your home, then here Living Art brand mirror It will be your favorite for many years. This product has one shape Scope of 40cm and a. is covered wooden frame Very pretty. Also, it includes a leather strap or ribbon so you can hang it on the wall. A great item that Aldi only sells for 14.99 euros,

Maritime mirror Living Art 3 models available

Storage box for home construction

Of all the products in Aldi’s Home department, this is this one Storage Chest Home Creation Characterized by its perfect combination of elegance and functionality. her covered with velvet Together with its padded seat, this product is very comfortable and thanks to its dimensions you can use it so that up to 2 people can sit 78x38x38cmBut other than that, you can stuff whatever you want in it as it’s able to withstand you 110kg. maximum load ofA product you must have in your home if only it costs 19.99 euros an Aldi.

Home Creation storage chest with 3 models available

IKEA Novitese cushion

In the end it is Freshman Pillow This is exactly what you have been looking for for so long. her soft and comfortable touch will help you fall asleep easier and thank you for that Topcool fabric It regulates humidity to create an optimal climate and relax better. This novitese pillow with measures 50x70cm It’s all about the scam 12.99 euros an Aldi.

50x70cm.  Novites pillow with dimensions of

Now you have no excuse not to add a distinctive and elegant touch to your home, nobody has ever made it so easy and so cheap for you, so don’t hesitate and grab these 5 products available during the German series are. The month of August in one of your establishments or on your website.


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