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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Borrow money with debt

Borrowing money with debts is possible. Not always, but sometimes. Banks assess whether a loan is justified based on your personal situation. Important, because a loan means an additional financial obligation. And additional costs. Request a quote without obligation and find out within 24 hours whether you can borrow money with debts.

No loan if you are in debt?

In some cases it is difficult to apply for a loan . If you have debts, you will not receive a loan from many lenders. The idea is that if you already have too much debt, it will become very difficult to pay off the monthly installments and the debt will increase even further.

Legal duty of care for lenders

Lenders have a legal duty of care to provide their customers with the best possible support in the event that debt collection problems arise. This applies to existing customers. New customers who already have payment problems will not be accepted to avoid bigger problems.

Responsible loan from Snaploan Online

We want to guide our customers as well as possible, even when things aren't going well. We do this based on our duty of care. But also because we have no interest in providing loans to people who are unable to repay the loan. The commission per loan that we receive from the banks stops when a customer is in arrears of two or more months. It is therefore in the interest of the customer and ourselves to take out and provide responsible loans. Do you have a negative BKR code? In that case we cannot provide you with a loan.

Borrow money with debt? The Dutch Credit Company offers a solution

We often receive applications for a loan where debts play a role. We offer potential customers, who now have loans from various lenders and have lost the overview, the opportunity to take out one clear loan that is also cheaper than all the different separate loans. Do you have debts in the form of payment arrears? Then you cannot apply for a loan from us.

Personal loan: responsible loan

The most suitable loan form that we offer is a personal loan . This loan provides security and overview because the interest, term and monthly charges are fixed. In this case, taking out a loan with a debt or just to repay and merge debts is justified. We offer a low fixed interest rate, short term, low monthly costs and overview.

Borrowing money with debts or borrowing money for debts is an option with us, provided you do not have a negative BKR code or debts in the form of payment arrears. This way you can pay off your debts and stay out of trouble. Are you getting divorced with debt? Then read our article about divorce with debt .

Answer within 24 hours

You will receive an overview of your options by e-mail and in My SNLO.

BKR assessment

Your creditworthiness will be tested at the BKR.

Especially for private individuals

A responsible loan from renowned banks for private individuals.

Transfer expensive loan

Take advantage of a lower interest rate.

Specialized banks

Borrow money responsibly from a reputable bank .

Loan purposes

Loan purposes

wedding wedding

A wedding is the best day of your life. Nobody wants to save on that. Although you decide how much to spend on your wedding party, the costs quickly add up. With a loan you always have enough money on hand and you can absorb unforeseen costs.

Loan for a wedding

kitchen kitchen

Borrow money to remodel, refurbish or renew your kitchen. This is possible at Snaploan Online. Simply online, at specialized banks and at a low interest rate.

Loan for a kitchen
debt repayment debt repayment

Borrowing money with debt may be difficult, but not impossible. Sometimes a loan is a smart move. For example, if you can refinance your current loan at a lower interest rate or when you refinance several loans in one convenient loan.

Pay off loan for debt

All loan purposes

Current interest rates

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