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Buy media market on installment

Everything about buying on installment at the Mediamarkt and what is the cheapest and most sensible option for you.

Mediamarkt on installment

As the largest supplier of consumer electronics, the Mediamarkt can no longer be ignored in our daily lives. Do you like to buy at the Mediamarkt? Then you know that Mediamarkt paying in installments or buying Mediamarkt on installment is now also an option, such as a laptop on installment Mediamarkt.

In this article we will briefly discuss everything about Mediamarkt on installment and what is the cheapest and most sensible option for you.

MediaMarkt Payment Card

Would you like to pay for your purchase at the Mediamarkt in installments? The Santander bank has developed the MediaMarkt payment card in collaboration with the Mediamarkt.

You can apply for the MediaMarkt payment card at Mediamarkt. The free card works like a regular payment card: you can pay with it in all shops in Europe, withdraw money and transfer money to your own account. You can apply for this MediaMarkt payment card if you want to pay off your purchase at the Mediamarkt by installment per month. You then in fact take out a Mediamarkt financing: this form of MediaMarkt payment in installments is an official Revolving Credit . Because the MediaMarkt payment card works like a Revolving Credit, you can always withdraw up to your credit limit. If you pay off a portion, you can spend that amount again up to the limit.

Media market loan rejected

Has your application for a Mediamarkt loan been rejected ? Is it not possible for you to receive such a MediaMarkt payment card? For those who would still like to purchase products from the MediaMarkt, but do not have the money available immediately, a Personal Loan through a lender is sometimes possible (only with a positive BKR registration). More about Personal Credit and all its benefits later.

Laptop on payment

Such a Personal Loan can be the solution for somewhat larger Mediamarkt publications such as a fast laptop. The MacBook Pro 15 inch is an example of this; the versions with more storage and insurance quickly cost € 2500.

A Personal Loan is already possible from € 5,000 and is often a good alternative if a Mediamarkt loan is rejected. Moreover, a consumer credit such as a Personal Loan is much cheaper than buying on installment at Mediamarkt . The interest at Mediamarkt is very high and variable, so you never know where you stand. You do not or hardly repay and it often takes years before you are debt-free again. That is why the choice for a Personal Loan is much cheaper and more responsible. With a Personal loan you have a substantially lower interest rate, with a fixed term and you have a good overview of when you are debt-free.

Installment purchases are much more expensive than consumer credit

In general, it therefore applies that buying on installment is much more expensive than a consumer credit , such as a Personal Loan. For example, the interest for installment purchases can run up to 14%, where a Personal Loan is possible from 4.2%.

The same applies to credit with mail order companies: a high interest rate and therefore often difficult to repay. If you have several mail order credits, you are completely expensive. It is more sensible to think in advance what you need or are going to spend. You then arrange responsible financing in the form of a Personal Loan.

That way you have a much better negotiating position, for example to request a discount on your purchase. After all, you already have the money available and you no longer need to ask for a payment card or payment arrangement.

Or you can transfer all individual loans to one clear and affordable loan with much better conditions.

Just moved?

Have you just moved but is the contents of your new home not complete yet? You are also much cheaper with a Personal Loan when borrowing money for a beautiful interior than with an installment purchase. We advise you to draw up a list of your wishes before the move and to add up the costs. This way you have a realistic overview of the required amount and you can take out a Personal Loan for that amount. A Personal loan offers structure and overview. In contrast to individual, impulsive installment purchases that ultimately cost a lot more (and longer!) Money.

A Personal Loan is and remains the most responsible way of borrowing money .

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