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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Borrowing money, costs money

"Pay attention! Borrowing money costs money ”is the slogan that must be used in all advertisements for credit. The aim of this slogan is to make consumers aware of the costs and to warn against the possible risks of borrowing money. With this slogan, the AFM, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, wants to protect consumers from taking out unnecessary (high) loans because borrowing money always costs money, no matter how good the offer is. You must always pay interest on the loan taken out with a lender.

Explanation "Borrowing money costs money"

In all our advertisements you will see the slogan “ Attention! Borrowing money costs money ”. The slogan is contained in a clearly visible banner. The banner often also includes the logo that symbolizes the fact that you are entering into monthly financial obligations that you must meet.

Taking out a loan means having the desired amount in the very short term, but that amount plus the interest to be paid on the loan must be repaid to the lender in monthly installments within the agreed term. Borrowing money, costs money. The slogan wants to protect you from taking out irresponsible (unnecessary) loans.

If you cannot meet your payment obligations, you will receive a negative report at the BKR, the Credit Registration Office . With a negative coding, it becomes almost impossible for you to take out a new loan or mortgage. In the case of borrowing money, the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. Make sure you take out a loan that suits your financial strength because you must repay the loan amount plus the interest.

What does borrowing money cost

You now know that borrowing money also costs money. But before you can determine which loan best suits your needs, it is important that you know exactly how much a loan will cost . After all, you can only take out a responsible loan if you are well informed.

Borrow money without advice: execution only

We work on an execution only basis . This means that we mediate without advice. Our customers have sufficient financial knowledge to take out a suitable loan themselves. You are familiar with the warning that borrowing money costs money and what the possible risks may be. You do not have a conversation with an advisor who points out these facts to you before taking out a personal loan or revolving credit. You can of course contact one of our credit specialists if you have any questions.

Borrow money responsibly online

How do you take out a responsible loan? If you need money for a specific product or for, for example, a renovation , holiday home or the financing of your residual debt, put everything together so that you have insight into the amount to be financed. Do you have your own money that you can use? Or is a loan to finance your cause the best option? Choose the loan that suits your personal situation and financial capacity so that you are debt-free at the end of the term of the loan.

Take out a loan online - use our loan guide

Via our online loan guide you can determine for yourself which loan form is the best loan form for you: a personal loan or a revolving credit . Or do you need a high loan amount of up to € 150,000? Then our combination credit, part personal loan and part revolving credit, or several personal loans, is the solution for you. Thanks to the spread placement of the loan, the risk is spread for the bank: you profit from a low interest rate with favorable conditions.

Thanks to our online method, we can offer low interest rates and favorable conditions. And you do not pay any advice and closing costs with us.

Do you want to take out a loan immediately? This can be done via the application form . Fill in your details and we will send you a suitable and affordable offer without obligation and free of charge.

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