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Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Buy on installment or borrow?

Installment buying sounds attractive; you buy now, receive your product immediately and pay back the purchase amount later (and / or in installments). Almost too good to be true and often it is. You are expensive because in most cases the selling party will pass on the maximum legally permitted interest rate to you, up to 14%. Another option to be able to pay for a large purchase immediately is borrowing.

With installment purchase , the seller allows you to purchase and receive the product without having to pay the full amount immediately. You use a payment arrangement: “buy now, pay later”. You pay for your purchase in a pre-agreed period. A nice arrangement, but an expensive one. Many sellers charge a high interest rate for this 'service' that sometimes amounts to 14%. This amount of interest is in addition to the purchase amount that you still owe.

Pay in installments

The deferred payment option was mainly used by car dealers ; for many consumers an easy way to buy and use their car immediately and then pay it off in installments. The slogan “buy now, pay later” is included in the advertisements for new cars, so that it is clear to the consumer that buying on installment is a possibility. This payment arrangement is now possible at many more (web) stores.

Borrow money

Borrowing money online is cheaper than buying on installment; the calculated interest is a lot lower with us. Our fixed low interest starts at 4.1% at an interest rate of up to 14% if you buy on installment.

That beautiful car, caravan or boat will become a reality without you having to worry about a sky-high interest rate or an irresponsibly high loan. But it is also better to finance a kitchen or bathroom with a loan instead of buying on installment. An additional advantage of a loan goal for home improvement is that the interest costs are tax deductible for a personal loan.

You can choose from three types of loan: a revolving credit, a personal loan or a combination credit (if you need a high loan amount up to € 150,000).

Which loan is right for you?

Personal loan

If you like security, you can opt for a personal loan with a fixed interest rate and term . You pay the same amount in interest and repayment every month. In the meantime, you may make additional repayments free of charge, but you cannot withdraw this amount again.

Tax benefit with a personal loan

If you use the loan to improve your home, the interest costs are tax deductible . Extra benefit thanks to this tax scheme. A new kitchen or bathroom increases the value of your home.

Revolving credit

Do you want more flexibility? Then a revolving credit is a suitable form of loan. A revolving credit has a variable interest rate and term . In the meantime, you may make additional repayments on the loan free of charge and you may withdraw these amounts again. You always have a financial buffer at hand.

Combination credit

A combination credit combines the best of both loans: a fixed low interest rate but also the option to have extra money on hand. A combination of two personal loans offers a low fixed interest rate. This loan form offers many possibilities thanks to the risk spreading of the loan . The associated conditions are favorable.

Whichever loan you choose, you are better off than if you opt for installments or deferred payment. Thanks to a loan you can also finance the purchase of the product almost immediately, but at a lower interest rate and favorable associated conditions.

Easy online

We work according to 'execution only': we mediate without advice, credit adviser or call center. You have sufficient financial knowledge and experience to choose the most suitable loan yourself. We carry out your wishes online: no appointments at the office or unwanted phone calls. You borrow from us in the way you want.

We offer you a low interest rate without closing and advice costs. Apply for a loan directly via our application form . You will then receive a list of four partner banks from us. You choose the best offer and we take care of the rest.

How much and from whom can I borrow?

If you are going to take out a loan, you would like to know in advance what amount you can borrow, from whom and under what conditions, interest rates and term.

You can easily arrange your desired loan yourself via our site. Fill in your details on our application form. You indicate which loan form you choose: a personal loan or revolving credit. You also enter the amount you want to borrow, the term of the loan and the monthly amount you want to pay. We will send you a proposal and you choose the bank with the best offer. We will then arrange the rest.

Buy kitchen on demand

You can arrange the financing of your new kitchen through the kitchen supplier by purchasing the kitchen on installment. You buy the new kitchen and agree on a payment arrangement. During a certain term, you pay for the kitchen in fixed installments. This amount consists of repayment and interest. The interest on installment buying is high. You can also choose to take out a loan for the purchase of a new kitchen. If you finance this with a personal loan, the interest costs are tax deductible because a new kitchen falls under home improvement. This is offset by tax benefits. The interest on a personal loan is a lot lower than the interest on installments and the conditions are favorable. Do you have a financial windfall in the meantime? Then you can make extra repayments on the loan without penalty.

Buying furniture on credit

Buying furniture on installment is a financing option offered by some furniture stores. You receive the furniture but you only pay afterwards. This payment in installments offers you the option of not having to pay the amount in full. Buying new furniture can be a considerable expense. An expense that you spread in installments with a payment. This form of financing is an expensive form; the calculated interest is high.

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