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Revolving credit

Flexible borrowing and variable interest from 4.5%

A Revolving Credit offers freedom: you borrow one-off or spread extra money up to a maximum amount. This way you always have a financial reserve . You decide how much you withdraw each time. The interest is variable and you only pay interest on the amount used.

Is a Revolving Credit right for you?

A Revolving Credit is suitable for people who:

  • want to borrow flexibly;
  • be between 21 and 66 years old;
  • looking for financial support.

This is how a Revolving Credit works

With a Revolving Credit you always have access to extra money. There is no end date. But you don't have to record everything at once. So you determine exactly how much money you withdraw and only pay interest on the money you use. If you do need more money, just withdraw extra money. Up to the credit limit. You agree the amount of the limit in advance with the bank.

Interest Revolving Credit

The Revolving Credit interest depends on your personal situation. Your age, living and work situation affect the interest you pay on the credit. In addition, the interest is variable. This means that the interest can change at any time. As a result, you sometimes pay more and sometimes less interest. Go to interest rates Continuous Credit and find out which interest rate applies to your situation. Also view the rate history .

Continuously Repaying credit

Repaying a Continuous Credit is always possible and free of charge. As long as the credit is open, you pay a fixed amount in interest and repayment every month. If the variable interest rate decreases, you will pay less interest and more repayment that month. This way you can repay the credit faster. Is the variable interest rate rising? Then you pay more interest and less repayment. Repaying the credit then takes a little longer.

Characteristics of a Revolving Credit

Repay penalty free

You can always repay a revolving credit without penalty.

Rate history

You can find the development of the variable interest over recent years here .

Low variable interest from 4.5%

Low interest rates that can rise or fall in the meantime.

Also for 60+

Take out a Revolving Credit for up to 66 years

Always extra money on hand

For optimal financial freedom.

Variable duration

You always have extra money on hand.

Borrow money flexibly from € 10,000 to € 75,000

Ideal if you do not yet know exactly how much money you need.

No closing and advice costs

Borrow money cheaply online without advice.

Your situation

Does revolving credit suit your situation? Check it out here .

€ 15,000 to € 25,000

€ 25,000 to € 50,000

Loan purposes

Loan purposes

wedding wedding

A wedding is the best day of your life. Nobody wants to save on that. Although you decide how much to spend on your wedding party, the costs quickly add up. With a loan you always have enough money on hand and you can absorb unforeseen costs.

Loan for a wedding

furniture furniture

If your furniture needs to be replaced, borrowing money for new furniture is a good option. With us you can take out a loan online, at a low interest rate and with a reputable bank.

Loan for furniture
home furnishings home furnishings

Borrow money inexpensively for furnishing your home. That is possible with us. Simply online, without time-consuming appointments. At a low interest rate and at renowned banks.

Loan for a home furnishing

All loan purposes

Transfer loan

Transfer your current loans to one new loan. For more overview in your financial administration. Or refinance a single loan to take advantage of a lower interest rate. Discover below how much you can save if you refinance your loan. We will arrange it for you. Simply online and completely free.

Delete loan

Delete loan

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