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No matter which store you visit, a stroll into a Walmart location should feel familiar. America’s largest retail chain has stores in all 50 states, but each one will look a little different. That’s because the company is rolling out several new changes as we slide from summer into fall.

In the coming days, here are seven of the changes you will see in your neighborhood store. And for information on what to buy during your stay, don’t forget to check out The Best Frozen Foods at Walmart in 2021.

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Walmart had already announced in June that its stores would be closed for the second year in a row on Turkey Day.

“During the pandemic, Walmart continued to place great emphasis on the well-being of its employees,” the company said wrote on-line. “Closing its stores on Thanksgiving Day is an additional way the retailer will thank its employees for their dedication to customer service and persistence during the pandemic.”

Customers can purchase last minute fixes on Wednesday, November 24th, although information about Black Friday on November 26th is not yet available.

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Walmart pick-up
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The day before Hurricane Ida hit, mobile pick-up and delivery services in the affected Walmart stores in the six southern boroughs of Mississippi were suspended. Of 10 locations in the southern part of the state, only three branches currently offer customers mobile delivery. The retailer confirmed Eat This, Not That! that the services should resume on September 18th.

Deliver packages

Walmart has already tested grocery deliveries from driverless trucks, drones, and robots. Now it is testing another new delivery option in collaboration with Ford. Customers in Austin, Miami and Washington could bring their purchases and other items to them in a Ford car equipped with Argo AI self-driving software New York Times.

The pilot program will start this year – and if everything goes well, it can be expanded.

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Walmart app

While Walmart is a convenient place to buy almost anything on your shopping list, until now customers have had to use two different apps for digital transactions – an orange one for grocery shopping and a blue one for other types of purchases. The company is launching a new universal search and checkout app so you can shop both bananas and bananagrams in one place.

Walmart delivery
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Some Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens residents can now have Walmart groceries delivered through Instacart The Wall Street Journal. While there are nearly 100 Walmart stores in New York, none are in the Big Apple. The closest Empire State location is on South Valley Stream, east of John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Wendy's Hamburger Stand Walmart
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Hungry while shopping? America’s second largest burger chain is one of the new restaurants to officially open within Walmart. Customers at one location in Ohio can already enjoy a Frosty from Wendy’s hamburger stand while they shop for groceries. Three brand new items on the limited menu are the Jalapeño Popper Chicken Nuggets, Strawberry Frosty and Frosty Sundae.

If you’re craving something different, another chain opening in Walmart stores has plenty to offer greater Menu. Ghost Kitchen Brands sells groceries from chains like Quiznos and Saladworks, as well as packaged products like Red Bull and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

electronics store

As if Walmart wasn’t already a one-stop shop! T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile are added at almost 2,300 Walmart locations. Starting October 18, customers will be able to purchase new smartphones and cellular plans while they choose their groceries.

“T-Mobile is a top wireless operator and we know our customers will be excited to shop in our stores and on Walmart.com,” said Mehrdad Akbar, vice president of wireless services at Walmart US, in a opinion. “We are very excited to add T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile to our range and believe that this will allow us to offer our customers the best products and services to help them save money and do better Life.”

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