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Being left-handed in a right-handed world comes with its own set of challenges. From scissors and notebooks to desks and guitars, left-handed people struggle with everyday tools.

The good news is that there are products for left-handers. And thanks to the online stores mentioned below, finding it is easier than ever.

Anything Left-Handed was founded in 1968 and is one of the pioneers in left-handed products. This website offers a wide variety of left-handed items. This includes kitchen utensils, stationery, office accessories, garden tools and scissors.

If you want gifts for your left-handed friends, you can view the gift ideas categorized by price on their website. Even better, you’ll find complete gift packages and sets with essentials for writing, cooking, and kids.

Best of all, you get a 30-day no questions asked refund and exchange guarantee. While this is a good shop, better website design could improve the user experience.

Anything Lefthanded ships products worldwide, with the exception of a few countries. The website also shows the shipping costs and delivery time for your country. You can also join the Left-Handed Club for discounts, news, and research on left-handed people.

Lefty’s is a family-run online shop based in Australia. Lefty has everything for left-handers on the Lefty website.

In addition to simple left-handed products for writing, kitchen, gardening, and scissors, you’ll also find things like a left-handed boomerang, reverse clocks, and screwdrivers. There are also musical accessories such as a thumb pick and guitar instructions. Lefty’s also sells left-handed keyboards and mice.

Lefty’s has a wish list of products and the Specials page to check out special offers. The company offers value packages that include a variety of products at a discounted price. If you want to surprise your left-hander with a perfect gift, you can also email them a Lefty’s Gift Certificate.

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The website will display the estimated GST along with the price on the product page to show you the real cost. Although the store ships worldwide, shipping costs sometimes exceed the cost of the product.

Lefty’s The Left Hand Store is the online branch of the decade-old Lefty’s San Francisco. It offers all the accessories that make life easier for left-handers. With a clean user interface and secure checkout, this website offers a good shopping experience.

In this store, you can buy products such as left-handed knives, scissors, measuring tools, and stationery. You can also buy household and sewing kits for left-handers. In addition, Lefty’s The Left Hand Store offers gift packages for children, chefs, and gardeners. The website has separate pages for green and Made in USA products.

If you’re unsure of what to get your left-handed person, the top 20 gifts page on the website is a great place to get ideas. And if you are still confused, this store is the place to buy and send a gift card.

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Best of all, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund. This shop ships to dozens of countries around the world. Several shipping options are available within the United States depending on shipping time.

Left ‘n Write vows to help left-handed people find their way into a right-handed world. To this end, they offer left-handed products, advice and training on their website.

Left ‘n Write not only simplifies the life of left-handers, it also makes online shopping easy and convenient with its beautifully designed website and the right product categorization.

Here you will find kitchen utensils, stationery, notebooks, handwriting books, outdoor tools and scissors. In addition, they offer products that are designed for right-handed or both right-handed and left-handed users. They designed a Writewell mat to make it easier for children to develop their handwriting skills.

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The founders of this store also wrote books for left-handers. They also offer online training for left-handed people, their parents and teachers. Left ‘n Write offers international shipping, a 14-day return policy, and free shipping on orders over $ 68.

The Left Handed Store is not a separate online shop, but a website that only selects and displays the left-handed products available on Amazon. Since it’s designed exclusively for left-handed products, you don’t have to weed through right-handed products like you normally do with Amazon.

The Left Handed Store shows a much wider range of products than the other stores mentioned above. These include left-handed desks, lap desks, and tablet armchairs. Here you will also find left-handed sports equipment for golf and archery. They also have left-handed shower seats, toilet roll holders, doorknobs, padfolios and tool bags.

Thanks to their beautiful website, The Left Handed Store makes it easier to shop for left-handed products even though they don’t sell anything themselves.

Left-handed golf ensures that missing equipment does not force you to switch to golf with your right hand. This shop has a wide variety of products including different types of golf clubs, gloves and bags.

Various filters and sorting options facilitate the search. Here you can also find used golf clubs and order an individual fitting. They ship to multiple countries, with fees varying for each country.

Like almost everything else in the world, guitars are made for right-handers. As a left-handed person, you can either play the guitar upside down or buy a left-handed guitar.

If you choose the latter option, Southpaw Guitars can help as they have more than 900 left handed guitars from various brands.

Make your life easier with left-handed products

Surviving in the world of right-handed people is a real challenge for left-handed people. However, with so many left-handed products, we can definitely make our daily chores easier.

So, when you’re tired of using right-handed scissors or writing on a regular spiral notebook, it’s time to switch to their left-handed designs.


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