7 things you should know about the American Forces travel booking site


Service members, veterans, and their families now have a one-stop shop for finding and booking travel with military discounts. The Department of Defense has partnered with Priceline to create a travel booking site exclusively for U.S. military personnel.

It just needs a quick authorization check on the American forces travel Booking site to access savings that are said to include up to 60% off hotel stays.

Here are seven questions about the new website answered.

1. What types of trips can be booked through the website?

Eligible military and defense ministers can book anything from flights and rental cars to vacation homes and hotels. Even cruises are available on the website.

The website, operated by Priceline, can be used for domestic and international travel booking and offers hotel deals in more than 71,000 destinations around the world.

American Forces Travel also offers packages that allow users to book flights in combination with hotels or rental cars for even deeper discounts. On the Priceline website, travelers who book a package save an average of $ 240 per transaction per person. People will see similar savings with American Forces Travel.

In the future, American Forces Travel hopes to be able to offer discounts on theme parks and other attractions as well.

2. Who is eligible?

American Forces Travel is open to all military and military personnel eligible to participate in moral, welfare, and recreational programs. That’s an estimated 9 million people.

The list of people eligible to use American Forces Travel includes:

  • Active members and their families.

  • Full pension pensioners and their families.

  • Veterans who are 100% disabled and their families.

  • Medal of Honor recipients and their families.

  • American Red Cross and US Paid Personnel Serving Outside the United States and their families.

  • Defense Department civilians.

Veterans and inactive members who have not retired with all benefits should be eligible later in 2019. The Department of Defense has announced it will qualify them but has not yet given a date.

3. How do I find out if I am eligible?

The eligibility check can be found on the American Forces Travel website. Users enter their last name, the last four digits of their social security number, and their date of birth. The information is then compared with the documents of the Ministry of Defense.

Priceline is not part of the verification process and does not collect or store this information.

4. What savings can military personnel expect?

American Forces Travel offers hotel deals up to 60% and cruise deals up to 80%. Military personnel have access to discounts at 1.2 million hotels, as well as flight and car rental deals.

5. Are these discounts different from what non-military travelers find on Priceline?

Some of the discounts are different as Priceline has a team dedicated to negotiating additional deals for American Forces Travel.

6. What else can American Forces Travel offer besides travel offers?

American Forces Travel offers the same services as Priceline customers, including 24-hour customer service and insurance options for all forms of travel.

7. Why was American Forces Travel founded?

Military families used to book trips through a travel agency on a military base. The Department of Defense launched American Forces Travel to make the process faster, more modern, and more accessible.

In addition, a commission is generated for trips booked through American Forces Travel to support quality of life programs for each branch of the military.

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