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You can easily take out a loan via Snaploan Online. Borrowing money online offers many advantages. The process from application to payment of the loan is shorter than through a bank. The average turnaround time from application to payment is 3 to 4 working days, from signed return to payment 2 working days. An additional advantage: the interest through a specialized online lender is lower than the interest rates at a bank because the digital way of working saves on personnel and office costs. We do not charge any closing or advisory costs to our customers.

Borrow money online without advice

We work on an ' execution only ' basis: we mediate without advice. You have sufficient financial knowledge to take out a loan yourself online when it suits you, without the intervention of an adviser. You apply for the loan and we will then arrange the complete settlement.

Collaboration with specialized banks

We work with professional and reliable banks. These banks are specialists when it comes to providing private loans (consumer credit) . Nationale-Nederlanden Bank , InterBank , Qander and DEFAM are our partner banks . They offer advantageous interest rates on your revolving credit or personal loan .

Apply for a loan online

Applying for a loan online is easy with us. You go to the quotation form and fill in the requested information:

  • the amount of the loan
  • the loan form
  • the loan purpose
  • your date of birth
  • your living situation
  • Type of employment

After that, your personal information will be requested and you can then send the completed application form without obligation.

Upon receipt of your request, we will send you an email asking for additional and confidential information. When we receive all data from you, we will forward your complete application to our partner banks. Within a few hours you will then receive a list of the various banks from us. This way you can compare the offers based on interest and conditions.

Take out an online loan

You can take out your loan online after you have chosen the best offer. You give us a final order to prepare the loan. We will send you the contract directly by email. Print the contract, sign it and return it together with the necessary documents by e-mail. The loan amount of your personal loan or revolving credit will then be paid to you within two working days . Fast, affordable and discreet!

Merge and / or transfer loan (s)

It is also possible to merge and transfer your loans online via De Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij.

Delete loan

Delete loan

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How much you can borrow for a car or for another loan purpose depends on several factors .

Loan purposes

Loan purposes

solar panels solar panels

Your own solar factory at home. Many people dream of it. If you do not have the money yourself, you can always opt for a responsible loan. Because solar panels are a smart investment that saves you money on your energy bill every month.

Loan for solar panels
residual debt residual debt

You can co-finance the residual debt with your new mortgage or via a consumer credit. The term of a mortgage is longer than that of a loan: you pay off the amount of residual debt through a mortgage for longer than through borrowing money.

Loan for residual debt
isolation isolation

Financing your home insulation with a loan is often cheaper than with a mortgage. The total costs are lower and you can access your money faster.

Loan for home insulation

All loan purposes

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