A new retail & hospitality mall is coming to Surf City


A developer is working to build a new retail, dining, and potential brewery mall near NC 210 on Alston Boulevard.

During a meeting on Tuesday, Surf City City Council approved plans for the upcoming Diehl Commercial project, with most of the buildings facing the dollar tree. Owner Wally Diehl of HT210 LLC plans 8,320 square feet of retail space and 2,998 square feet of restaurant space, according to documents submitted to the planning committee.

City manager Kyle Breuer said the name of the brewery or the tenants are currently unknown.

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“The region is growing strongly, so a continuation of the growth can be expected,” said Breuer about the upcoming projects.

The project coming to Alston Boulevard is one of several that is expected to continue growth along the NC 210 corridor. JMT Enterprise developer Mike Turco plans to add more than 8,000 square feet of retail or office space between the freeway and H20 square, near Surf City’s inland water tower and the entrance to the disc golf course.

Turco said it has no interested tenants and is finalizing plans for the 3.7 acre site, but hopes to meet the needs of current and future residents as more homes are built in Surf City.

Land is currently being cleared to develop retail space along NC 210 near the city's water tower area.

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“There’s a lot of residential growth in this area,” said Turco. “So I have the feeling that office and retail space is needed. I think there is more need for that. ”

He said the area could be used for a boutique or office space for a business. Turco said at the time that he did not believe that a restaurant tenant would be established due to the park rules.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a restaurant because they want too much parking, and I don’t know if a restaurant would work there because it is surrounded by residential areas,” said Turco.

The building will have a farmhouse look with features such as swing gates, shutters and domes.

Plans for JMT Enterprise include the use of more than 3 acres for a retail development along NC 210.

“It will look nice,” he said.

After completing the approval process, it takes about 4 to 6 months. After the groundbreaking, Turco said construction could be completed by June.

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