A steep increase in online shopping after the Covid spike: GoodFirms 2021 Research


“Financial instability, pandemic-related economic challenges like job losses, subdued corporate profits, etc. have made customers aware of what they were spending the money on,” says GoodFirms.

The survey also provides other invaluable insights into evolving patterns in shopping and the latest trends in the world of shopping, both online and offline. The data analysis shows an increase in online shopping, a shift to local shopping and a tendency towards automated and cashless purchases and virtual demos.

Interestingly, online shopping sites – both locally and globally – have unlocked better business opportunities with the forced adjustments that the entire world population has had to make due to COVID-19 while focusing more on improving the customer experience. Invest in a E-commerce tool Definitely gave more power to online store owners. Reviewer mentions “Convenience“As the main reason to shop online.

Important findings from research:

  • As many as 69.4% of shoppers increased their online shopping in the aftermath of the Covid spike.
  • 58% of people chose to buy from an online store because of the speed of delivery.
  • Authenticity and return processes (cited by 58.5% and 51.3% of people) turned out to be the number one concern when shopping online.
  • 38.7% Hygiene standards chosen as crucial in choosing a physical store.
  • 26.1% buy from local retailers / stores. People support the local shopkeepers (with a sense of local affinity and consumer ethnocentrism).
  • 74.8% of people want to experience automated shopping without a cashier and with minimal human intervention, as offered by Amazon Go.
  • 81.1% of people want to have more virtual product demos.

About the survey:
GoodFirms conducted a comprehensive survey between October 11, 2021, and October 16, 2021 of buyers worldwide. Over 500 selected participants were asked about their purchasing behavior, their shopping habits and the most important factors that influence purchasing decisions in the post-Covid period. The survey provides critical insights for companies keen to track evolving tastes and preferences of buyers. For the full report, with additional stats, charts, and buyer demographics, please visit https://www.goodfirms.co/resources/buying-behavior-post-peak-covid-era.

About GoodFirms:
GoodFirms is a leading global IT research and listing provider. The company’s listing platform helps software buyers and IT service seekers find the best options for their purposes. With a strong foothold in research, GoodFirms aims to educate companies about the latest insights, events, trends and technologies that are shaping the world.

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