Asda introduces rationing on its Just Essentials range

Asda launched Just Essentials in April.
// Assa bosses have imposed limits on how many products from the Just Essentials budget range can be purchased at one time
// The supermarket said the limit will be in place for a short time

Asda has introduced a ration for its Just Essentials value range, with shoppers limited to three of any given item.

The supermarket launched its budget-friendly Just Essentials back in May, in time to help shoppers find the best deals amid rising inflation.

The range consists of reasonably priced items in hundreds of lines – such as B. Canned food, chilled meat, bread and cereal. Corresponding MEN, Demand for the products was huge, leading to buyers complaining that items were constantly out of stock both online and in stores.

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To avoid this, the bosses of the food giant have now decided to limit purchases from the range to a maximum of three of each product.

A buyer said a budget Facebook Group that she “witnessed a stressed-out woman having to do all her shopping” after being told the limit at the checkout.

Her post received hundreds of replies including one which read: “What if you are a big family ie 6 kids and you want for example noodles or soup for dinner or need 3/4 packs of ham or chicken? In some cases ideal, in others I don’t think so.”

Another said: “You don’t consider larger families or that you also shop for the vulnerable. They should take that into account.”

A Asda The spokesperson said: “Just Essentials is proving very popular at the moment and we are working hard to get the out of stock products back on shelves as soon as possible.

“To ensure that as many customers as possible can purchase these products, we are temporarily limiting purchases to a maximum of three of each product.

“This will only be for a short time and we will let you know as soon as these restrictions are lifted. We apologize for any inconvenience.”


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