BizVibe highlights key challenges facing the durable goods wholesale industry



NEW YORK, October 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BizVibe has added key challenges and trends for the durable goods wholesale industry profiles to its platform. All 17,000+ company profiles will now contain over 50 company data points, including a list of potential challenges that are expected to affect market participants over the next few years.

One challenge that is highlighted is the rising prices of precious metals. Gold and silver prices have soared as investors began investing in them as a safe haven during the coronavirus outbreak. However, this rapid increase has impacted the physical demand for these metals in blocks as well as jewelry. Since gold and silver price increases also contribute to rising jewelry costs, customers postpone their purchases until prices drop. By identifying such challenges, BizVibe helps users analyze which suppliers are right for their business while allowing them to efficiently monitor business risk.

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Key takeaways for consumer durables wholesalers

In addition to analyzing how key challenges are likely to affect businesses, BizVibe Company Profiles contain numerous high-quality insights to help users discover, track, compare, and evaluate suppliers or opportunities. These findings include:

  • Relevance and influence of industry trends and challenges, segmented by region
  • Press releases and reporting on important trends and challenges
  • Risk of Doing Business Score, segmented according to operational, financial, compliance and country risk
  • Top corporate competitors on a global, regional and national level
  • Names of top business decision makers, including job titles and social profiles
  • Corporate finances such as annual sales, profitability metrics, and management effectiveness

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Product and service categories for durable goods

BizVibe’s platform provides access to over 10 million buyer and supplier company profiles. Companies from more than 200 countries are categorized into over 40,000 product and service categories, each of which offers detailed insights tailored to the needs of purchasing and sales teams worldwide. The durable goods wholesale group includes more than 17,000 company profiles categorized into more than 70 product and service categories, enabling customers to identify and connect with potential new business partners in various market segments.

The product and service categories for the consumer goods wholesaling include:

  • Gold Jewellery
  • Watch parts
  • Dog toy
  • Fitness equipment for the home
  • Fishing accessories

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BizVibe for buyers and sellers

BizVibe is a modern B2B platform that brings together buyers and sellers from around the world. Powered by the latest best-in-class solutions, BizVibe is designed to help companies generate leads, shortlist suppliers, request quotes, and identify global companies. Evaluate companies side by side to compare key metrics and initiate productive partnerships.

Buyers use BizVibe to find suppliers from 5 million+ companies using advanced search filters and comparison tools. Features for buyers include:

  • Select potential suppliers
  • Track and compare companies
  • Set up custom message notifications
  • Quickly create and customize RFIs

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Salespeople can leverage BizVibe’s intelligent sales intelligence tools to discover, rate, and communicate with prospects in over 300 categories. Features for salespeople include:

  • Identify and qualify prospective customers
  • Receive tailored recommendations for prospects
  • Analyze and evaluate potential buyers
  • Integrate CRMs for efficient data transfer

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