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Financial services companies continue to grow and build on a daily basis due to a highly concentrated market and expansive trading. Investing is handled in different ways and it has never been easier to invest. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) stocks are just another example of this.

Stocks offering BNPL offer a new twist on consumer credit rates and are a widely used investment to diversify your portfolio. As a result, the market has become popular, with Bank of America claiming the BNPL market could grow 10 to 15 times by 2025.

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The best stocks that buy now and pay later

Now that you understand the service better, here are some of the best stocks to invest in now and pay for later.


symbol society % Change price Invest


Confirm holdings
$ 113.75 Buy stocks

Affirm acts as the financial lender of consumer installment loans, enabling them to fund purchases and pay over time. There are no additional charges and no late fees will be charged if payments are missed.

The company recently partnered with Amazon to buy now and pay later. It makes money based on interest payments that vary between 0% and 30% depending on the time of repayment. It’s easy to set up and there are no upfront fees.

While the downsides are a slightly high interest rate (up to 30%), taking out a loan can affect your creditworthiness. Keep in mind that Affirm also doesn’t report on-time payments back to credit bureaus, so you won’t be able to top up your credit.


symbol society % Change price Invest


PayPal stocks
$ 187.15 Buy stocks

PayPal recently jumped on the BNPL bandwagon with its service, allowing users to choose the payment mechanism. It recently acquired Payy, a Japanese BNPL platform, for $ 2.7 billion. Through this transaction, PayPal gained access to Payy’s 6 million registered users.

PayPal has now expanded its BNPL services to the US, France, Germany and the UK. In addition, the company recently reported that around 7 million consumers have used the BNPL service.

PayPal is a leader in the digital economy and in online payment solutions and is therefore an important player in the BNPL area.


symbol society % Change price Invest

$ 3,437.36 Buy stocks

The world’s leading company Amazon recently took over the BNPL service and recognized the significant potential for its customers. The company expanded its partnership with Affirm in order to continue offering the service to its large customer base.

The payment option is available to Amazon customers worldwide. The addition of the BNPL service is likely to only strengthen its significant market share and attract more customers to the platform.


symbol society % Change price Invest


$ 1,446.17 Buy stocks

Shopify joined the BNPL hype by partnering with Affirm. With the introduction of Shop Pay, customers can split their purchases into 4 equal payments with 0% interest and no hidden fees.

additional payment

Afterpay is currently listed in Australia. In August, however, Square announced a deal to acquire the company for $ 29 billion. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022.

Square plans to offer its BNPL service to its US customers by early 2022 and plans to expand to other regions such as Canada, New Zealand, the UK and Europe.

Best Online Stock Broker

BNPL’s growth has been tremendous lately and shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s a look at some of Benzinga’s most popular online stockbrokers.

What is a “buy now, pay later” service?

A “buy now, pay later” service is a consumer credit program that has recently grown in popularity. By choosing the service, you agree to the payment plan terms in which you make a purchase, receive the product, and repay it at a later date over time.

In most cases the purchase must be of a certain amount and interest may be paid on top of the loan. As the market has expanded, more skills are being fulfilled.

The greater output capacity strengthens the customer, but all parties can benefit from it. In addition, the services offer convenience and an alternative credit option, and in many cases you will get your purchase upfront rather than having to pay for it in full.

Stocks like Amazon, Target, and American Airlines have joined the service. Square also recently announced the acquisition of Afterpay, an industry leader for BNPL. Buy now, pay later is becoming more accessible and widespread.

Recently, stocks that buy now and pay later have grown in popularity, with stock prices seeing significant gains for certain stocks. PayPal’s acquisition of Paidy highlights the growth in the benefits that buy-now-pay-later plans can bring and why they are viewed as so desirable by customers.

The idea of ​​paying in installments over time without having to wait for the product is attractive to consumers and creates real demand for the service. Consumers seem comfortable with smaller payments and the choice of payment period. Some BNPL agreements have minimal or no interest and offer quick approval.

In the case of BNPL stock, most of the top stocks require good credit ratings due to the risk and profitability for the company now being paid.

Big predictions, big wins

Buy now, pay later, keep growing and receive strong predictions for the future. Allied Market Research reported that the market could be worth nearly $ 4 trillion by 2030.

The number of buyers using BNPL continues to grow and the space will undoubtedly be an exciting market for the future.

frequently asked Questions

Can I buy something and pay later?


Can I buy something and pay later?


Sam Boughedda, stock market analyst


If you buy something now and pay later, you can conveniently buy an item or service without having to put money aside at this point. It’s an option that many companies offer, but it’s important that individuals meet payment deadlines on time and use the service wisely.

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Will Amazon pay later?


Sam Boughedda, stock market analyst


Amazon offers a pay later service with which customers can buy an item and pay the costs in installments at a later point in time or over a certain period of time. You will need to complete an online setup process to access these benefits and you will need an Amazon account to do this.

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