Buyaladdin, the ABBC Foundation’s global online shopping platform, is about to go live


AThe BBC Foundation announced the upcoming global launch of its online shopping center Buyaladdin, which will only process transactions in cryptocurrency. Here, users can buy a wide range of products while listing their own items for sale. Notably, ABBC Foundation CEO Jason Daniel announced that 1 ABBC will be $100 when shopping at Buyaladdin. Also, Buyaladdin is headquartered in the United States of America and managed by CEO Stanley Park, who stated that this will be a unique shopping experience for crypto lovers around the world.

Corresponding ABBC Foundationaccepted payments are in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and ABBC Coin (ABBC). Buyaladdin will also allow users to not only use their cryptocurrency to buy, but also to showcase their products through live streaming in the app. This will benefit them in reaching an international audience and maximizing their profits.

After launching Buyaladdin, CEO Jason Daniel spoke about adding the crypto online mall to the ABBC ecosystem. He said:

Buyaladdin has always been one of our biggest goals and one of the core segments in the ever-growing ABBC ecosystem. For many years we have worked tirelessly to perfect Buyaladdin and make it available worldwide. With Buyaladdin we want to present an easy-to-use shopping application that accepts leading cryptocurrencies alongside our own ABBC.

Also, as a token of gratitude to the ABBC community, ABBC Coin holders can receive more value for their ABBC as each coin is worth $100 each, exclusively on the app.

There is no announcement yet on the worldwide launch date of Buyaladdin from the ABBC Foundation. However, the ABBC Foundation has expressed their goal for this project to contribute to their rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem along with Aladdin Wallet, Aladdin Pro Wallet, Real Research and the newly launched DOMINO DEX.

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