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Cherry Street Brewing – Market Sales and Wholesale Manager – Craft Beer Job Listing |

Cherry Street Brewing

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Company overview

Cherry Street Brewing, based in Cumming, GA, is growing and expanding into Chattanooga, TN. We have 2 brewpub locations in Georgia with nationwide distribution. We’re opening a manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, TN to expand volume and sales. Cherry Street is a team of fun, motivated people who are passionate about their work with a strong culture of inclusion and autonomy. We are a laid-back yet professional company that promotes a safe work environment and equal employment opportunities.

Job Description

Cherry Street Brewing Market Sales and Wholesale Manger is the link between the brewery and the wholesalers. This role includes managing the inventory of packaged products, communicating with wholesalers of such products, selling to and maintaining accounts in the market, and representing the brand at a number of events throughout the year. While this is a simple description, this role is large and responsible. Organizational and communication skills are essential.


  • Fully understand and understand the Cherry Street brands, culture, company history, products, portfolio, guidelines, and short and long term vision and accomplish our mission for the wholesale and retail customer
  • Be the primary point of contact for customers, sales partners, and marketing staff
  • Be the face of the brewery, act professionally at all times, always represent the brewery in the best light and take care of our customers
  • Participates in the overall sales strategy and target planning for the sale of Cherry Street beers
  • Coordinate with distributors and (Nick / Bride team) to manage inventory in the market, minimum days in stock, maintain a healthy turn rate, and consume all seasonal and limited brands as planned
  • Coordination and communication of sales partner orders with sales partners and the operations manager
  • Obey all state and federal laws pertaining to sales, merchandising, and product promotion
  • Work with direction from (Nick / Directors) to meet monthly revenue targets for revenue and volume growth while working effectively within company and budget guidelines
  • Gain an intimate and functioning knowledge of the organization of each sales partner and develop an open relationship with all members of the management and sales team
  • Work with designated distributors to meet the sales goals and objectives
  • Schedule and attend regular sales training activities, including presentations at sales meetings, riding with salespeople from distributors, communicating and promoting sales performance initiatives, and distributing new sales materials to sales reps
  • Organizing, promoting and conducting promotional events on accounts and in the market, including beer dinners, cone takeovers, festivals, tasting events and tastings
  • Coordinate to promote account related events through Facebook, Twitter and other social media / web channels
  • Manage major customer relationships while identifying growth customers
  • Identify accounts that are not currently stocking the branded products and successfully open new accounts to increase market exposure
  • Manage time and priorities effectively and efficiently; track and monitor progress in all identified accounts; Preparation and submission of sales reports as required
  • Keep thorough and up-to-date notes on all existing and target accounts


  • Pleasant, polite demeanor and a well-groomed appearance
  • Regular and reliable attendance and punctuality
  • Flexible working hours and irregular working hours
  • Ability to communicate clearly and articulately with team members, customers and distributors
  • Ability to interact professionally and appropriately with all team members, customers and distributors
  • Operate telephones, computers, typewriters, copiers, and other office equipment
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and other basic computer software and websites
  • Leading according to the philosophy “If it’s not 100% right, it is 100% wrong” and correcting the problem immediately
  • Must be able to stand at events, etc., and have good range of motion including stooping and stooping during the work day
  • Must be able to lift or carry 20 pounds regularly and 65 pounds on occasion


  • Self-discipline, initiative, leadership skills and sociability
  • Desire for beer, craft beer and craft knowledge
  • You must have good communication skills when dealing with team members, customers and sales partners
  • A university degree is desirable, a high school diploma required, or a combination of practical experience and training is considered as an alternative
  • Competent in the following dimensions of the brewery and alcohol supply chain industry: POs, FOB, margin / markup, inventory management, effective communication, etc.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license drivers
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States
  • Must be able to obtain a liquor pouring license from Forsyth County
  • Must be willing to agree to a background check and reference list of three employers and three personal ones


  • Salary position – 45-50 hours; Base salary + commission / bonus remuneration. The level of experience can affect pay. Plus annual increase in performance and bonus opportunities still open with retention of title
  • 10 days / 8 hours per day and year of paid time off, including sick and private time, unless otherwise discussed and approved. PTO must be approved with 1 month’s notice.
  • Contribution to health, dental and eye insurance.
  • Food, beer, discounts on goods, entry to events such as beer festivals, conferences or education.
  • And a damn cool place to work.

Responsibility for alcohol – The candidate must understand that he is not only a representative of the company but also of the alcoholic beverage industry. You must behave within the framework of the statutory provisions and always with a view to educating people about responsible consumption. This includes working hours, trade shows, festivals and entertainment on behalf of the company or its affiliates. Any poor reflection or legal matter that may arise due to poor judgment can be dealt with disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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