Chickens are getting more expensive in Dhaka’s markets


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December 26, 2021 5:28:51 PM

Broiler chickens, Pakistani and Sonali chickens and laying hens, the main sources of protein for the common people, rose in price in Dhaka city kitchen markets on Sunday, adding to their suffering.

The prices of freshly harvested local onions, one of the main cooking ingredients, remained unchanged in the wholesale and retail markets and continued their downward trend.

However, the prices for many other important goods have remained stable, in most cases at a higher level.

Broiler chickens were retailed for Tk 175 per kilogram, which was on Saturday for Tk 170 per kg. Rasel (single name), a seller at New Bismillah Broiler in Mohammadpur Krishi Market, told The Financial Express.

The wholesale price of broilers also increased by Tk 3.0 to 4.0 per kg, he said.

The price of Pakistani and Sonali chicken in both wholesale and retail increased by Tk 10 per kg on Sunday compared to the last few days, he said.

Laying hens were wholesale for Tk 205 per kg on Sunday, while it was Tk 200 per kg on Saturday, he said.

The retailers today sold laying hens for Tk 215 per kg, which a few days ago sold for Tk 210, he mentioned.

Red eggs were retailing for a dozen Tk100 in the same market as on Saturday, added Rasel.

The retail price for broiler chickens was quoted at Tk 155-160 per kg, while the retail price for local onions was quoted at Tk50-54 per kg.

The freshly harvested onions were sold at the wholesale level on Sunday for Tk 30 Tk 32 per kg, which was the same as on Saturday, said Akashe (single name), a seller at the Mohammadpur Krishi market.

The wholesale price of imported Burmese onions remained at 29 Tk per kg. Retailers sold it for 40 Tk per kg, which was the same value as on Saturday.

There were also no noteworthy changes in products such as flour, cooking oil and sugar, so that the previous price level continued on Sunday.

The prices for ginger and garlic from the region remained unchanged. This correspondent was also informed that prices for brinjals, pumpkins, bitter gourd, pointed gourd, freshly harvested potatoes and green chilli have remained stable for the past few days.

The report by the Ministry of Agricultural Marketing showed that four pieces of eggs were sold for Tk 32 to 34. Accordingly, the price for one kg of local sugar was Tk 76 to 78 per kg, salt (packaged) Tk 27 to 32 per kg, lentils Tk 105-Tk 113 a kg and flour (packaged) Tk 39-Tk 41 a kg.

Red tomatoes were sold for Tk 47-Tk 55 per kg and soybean oil was sold for Tk 143-Tk 145 per liter, garlic (local) for Tk 46-58 per kg, garlic (imported) for Tk 147-155 a kg, ginger (local) at Tk 69-Tk 78 per kg and ginger (imported) at Tk 84-Tk 96 per kg.

Beef was selling for Tk 551-Tk 571 per kg, the DAM report added.

A local vegetable seller, Faruk (single name), claimed that prices for almost all vegetables remained unchanged on Sunday.

A mobile greengrocer named Hriday sold cauliflower (larger) for Tk 30-Tk 35 apiece, the same level as on Saturday.

New potatoes were sold at the wholesale level for 23-25 ​​Tk per kg, added seller Faruk.

Imported ginger was wholesale for Tk 110 per kg and imported garlic for Tk 160-165 per kg on Sunday, seller Akash said.

Jubayer Hossain, a wholesaler at Mohammadpur Krishi Market, said prices for flour, cooking oil, sugar and lentils had remained at previously higher levels.

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