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Thousands of cancer patients in the Orange and Los Angeles counties will now have access to City of Hope’s renowned treatments and research in the area.

In an effort to expand its reach into Orange County and make its elite cancer care more accessible, the Duarte-based treatment and research center has acquired Pacific Shores Medical Group, a Long Beach-based cancer center with facilities in Orange and Los Angeles Angeles counties.

City of Hope leaders said they view the deal as a joining of forces and believe the union will provide more opportunities for cancer patients to receive advanced care while expanding access to clinical trials with different patient populations.

With the purchase, the cancer treatment group expands its network to include seven clinics, including three in Orange County: Huntington Beach, Irvine and Newport Beach. The other four are in Glendale, Torrance, and Long Beach.

Dr. Simon Tchekmedyian, CEO of Pacific Shores, said his organization and City of Hope share a common culture and mission to provide world-class care to cancer patients. In considering how bringing in resources from both institutions could improve the offerings for people coming through their doors, it was clear that joining forces was a good option, ”he said.

“We can now improve, at the community level, for patients in our backyard, access to the expertise and numerous clinical studies and resources that City of Hope has to offer,” said Tchekmedyian. “So we’re going to join in and really bring more to our patients – more resources, more expertise, more studies, more ways to cure cancer. And we’re very happy about that. “

Details of the purchase, which closed on Friday, August 6th, were not disclosed.

Expanding its presence has been a focus of City of Hope, which is investing in Orange County to expand services and shorten the path to treatment for cancer patients and their families. Comprehensive care will eventually be offered in three new Orange County facilities: two outpatient care centers and a cancer-specialized hospital near Great Park in Irvine.

The first expansion to the county – an outpatient center in Newport Beach – opened in January 2020. A 190,000-square-foot ambulatory center next to the proposed hospital, which will be named Lennar Foundation Cancer Center, is slated to debut next year and the hospital is slated to open in 2025.

The addition of Pacific Shores doctors and staff will help City of Hope improve its ability to provide care and expertise in the two counties thanks to the strong relationships Pacific Shores Doctors have built in the community, the said City of Hope President Annette Walker.

Tchekmedyian said his organization has placed an emphasis on providing personal attention in its 35-year history.

Well-trained staff, always on the front desk phone to receive patients in different languages, has enabled further clinical studies to be conducted with various patient populations and will hopefully enable City of Hope to easily connect with communities where Pacific Shores are located I’ve built trust, he said. The medical group has more than 10,000 active patients, he said.

The association “will allow us to serve this community in a very different way and accelerate our presence in Orange County,” said Walker, “because they have relationships with people in our community.”

“And we are committed to coming into this community differently,” she said. “We’re coming to be a neighbor of Orange County. Neighbors have relationships. “

City of Hope’s access to research and extensive cancer expertise will “enhance” the services Pacific Shores has provided its patients for years, said Dr. Edward Kim, Chief Medical Officer for the City of Hope in Orange County.

“Now we will be able to offer even more services and depth on top of what they have already done,” Kim said, highlighting the many more clinical trials that Pacific Shores patients and doctors will have access to if they join. City of Hope.

“Clinical trials lead to the cures and the drugs,” said Kim.

“We will never get better, we will never improve, we will never make progress if we are not able to offer these kinds of opportunities,” he said. “And not just for some, for our representative population.”

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