FDA Urges Sellers Not To Wrap Food In Newspapers When Selling Groceries To Customers, Retail News, ET Retail


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Pune: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Maharashtra has issued an order urging grocery vendors not to wrap food in newspapers when selling to customers because the ink used to print is harmful. The FDA ordered sellers to stop giving foods such as ‘vada pav’, ‘pohe’, candy, bhel, and other newspaper-wrapped products to customers, and also warned of strict measures if the practice is not discontinued.

“When the salespeople give food parcels, the salespeople often wrap the items in a newspaper. Because the ink used to print the newspapers is made up of chemicals, they provide hot items like vada pav, pohe, donut, bhel, baked goods and many others – such foods that are wrapped in newspapers can be dangerous, “the FDA said in a statement on Wednesday evening.

“Sellers should immediately stop wrapping edibles in newspapers or strict measures will be taken,” it said.

FDA Joint Commissioner Shivaji Desai said: “In 2016, the Indian Food Safety and Standards Agency (FSSAI) issued an All-India Recommendation banning the use of newspapers to package food. However, we received complaints that the use of newspapers from suppliers is still switched on. We placed this order to attract attention. “


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