Flipkart Wholesale plans to triple its presence in India by December


Flipkart Wholesale announced plans to more than triple its geographic footprint in India to nearly 2,700 cities with the aim of simplifying business and bringing prosperity to many small businesses and kiranas across the country.

Flipkart Wholesale saw strong growth in the first half of 2021, led by the adoption of e-commerce by retailers and kiranas. Kiranas e-commerce adoption on Flipkart Wholesale has doubled from January to June this year compared to last year. For July to December 2021 a growth of 180% compared to the same period of the previous year is forecast.

Flipkart has also seen a surge in the number of suppliers getting on board in the B2B digital marketplace. The supplier base is expected to grow 58% in 2021, which will further strengthen the local business ecosystem and livelihoods. The company recently renamed its cash-and-carry business Best Price, which it acquired from Walmart India in 2020, while also committed to the growth and prosperity of Kiranas in India through an omnichannel business model.

“We founded Flipkart Wholesale with the aim of bringing prosperity to the B2B retail ecosystem and solving local problem spots of kiranas across the country. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have seen a strong response from Kiranas who are now realizing the benefits of digitization and preparing for e-commerce as a purchase option. We will continue to leverage the technological strengths of the Flipkart Group and improve livelihoods and the local supplier ecosystem across the country. “
– Adarsh ​​Menon, Senior Vice President and Head, Flipkart Wholesale

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