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WILMINGTON, NC – A Sanford man pleaded guilty today for receiving bribes while serving as a flooring technician while at Ft. Bragg.

According to court documents, Edward Wade Crisco was a flooring technician assigned to the Operations and Maintenance Division, Directorate of Public Works (DPW) in Fort Bragg, NC. To receive services, an Ft. The user of Bragg facilities submits a request for repair or service to a facility such as The request creates a Demand Maintenance Order (DMO), which is forwarded to the appropriate goods section. The DMO is assigned to a DPW technician who specializes in a certain trade, such as B. roofers, flooring, plumbers or carpenters. The DPW technician assesses the problem to determine whether he can carry out the repair or service himself within the allotted time, or certifies that a contractor should carry out the work due to manpower, required expertise or special equipment requirements. If a contractor is to be used for the work, the technician sends a contract request to the work manager. If the estimated cost is less than $ 2,500, the approved contract is forwarded to a DPW buyer who hires a contractor to carry out the work. The technician who requested the contract would inspect and certify the work upon completion. Once the technician had inspected and certified the contractor’s work, the buyer paid the contractor with a state purchase card.

From 2011 to 2019, Crisco received bribes between $ 20 and $ 100 per DMO from various vendors working with DPW, Ft. Bragg to request the assignment of contracts to these particular suppliers and to approve and positively sign their work upon completion.

“Any ‘pay-to-play’ culture practiced by government employees at Ft. Bragg is quitting now, “said Michael F. Easley, Jr., US Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina. “The public is well served by solid investigative work from law enforcement combined with our prosecutorial resources to end this.”

“The Department of Defense Office of Inspector General, Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) is committed to protecting the integrity of the Department of Defense (DoD) procurement system,” said Christopher Dillard, Special Representative, DCIS, Mid-Atlantic Field Office. “Today’s admission of guilt shows our determination, along with our law enforcement partners, to take swift action against those who undermine the DoD for their own benefit and violate the trust of American taxpayers.”

“The defendant made a bad decision to join a bribery scheme,” said Frank Robey, special adviser for the US Army’s Anti-Fraud Department. “MPFU, together with our law enforcement partners, will continue to use every available instrument to combat and prevent people from taking advantage of the government’s order system for their personal gain.”

Crisco pleaded guilty to taking bribes in violation of 18 USC § 201. Crisco faces a maximum sentence of 180 months in prison in March 2021. He agreed to forfeit $ 150,000 of the proceeds from his crime.

Michael F. Easley, Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, made the announcement after United States Chief Justice Richard E. Myers II accepted the plea. The US Defense Criminal Police Service and the US Army Criminal Investigation Department, the Procurement Fraud Department, are investigating the case.

Related court documents and information can be found on the website of the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina or on PACEMAKER by searching for Case # 5: 19-CR-328-FL.


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