Frank Bonanno opens LoDough Bakery with former employee in Dairy Block


Frank Bonanno wants to bake bread.

Later this month, the owner of Denver Milk Market plans to open LoDough Bakery at 1805 Blake Street in the Dairy Block alley to the public after several months of wholesale operations.

Bonanno co-owns the bakery with Jan Kratzer, previously bar manager at Mizuna, Bonanno Concepts’ flagship restaurant in Cap Hill.

Scratch, an Austrian immigrant, has been baking since he was 8, making sourdough breads for Mizuna’s takeout orders during the pandemic.

“My wife Jacqueline always wanted us to own a bakery and make our own bread. After Jan had been baking for about a year, we decided it was the right time to help him pursue his passion,” Bonanno said. “And hopefully over time he can buy me out and it can become his own business.”

LoDough Bakery replaced Engine Room Pizza, Bonanno’s 1,200-square-foot pizza-by-the-slice restaurant that closed during the pandemic.

The bakery serves breakfast pastries such as Danish pastries and scones.

Kraute’s goal for the bakery is to make bread for all Bonanno concepts. He’s already used the old pizza oven to bake bread for French 75 and Mizuna.

Now that the bakery has a three-tier steam-injected oven, Kratzer is hoping to expand his wholesale customer base, which includes The Bindery, where he previously worked.

The retail outlet opens April 15 and serves Danishes, cereal, jam, scones and a variety of breads. It will be open from Friday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

“I’ve been thinking about opening this place for the last four years, and now it feels like someone turned on a faucet and I’m trying to catch all the water,” said Kratzer.

A classically trained chef and working in restaurants for the past 15 years, Kratzer inherited his passion for cooking from his stepmother, who prepared most meals from scratch. He said he’s been bugging Bonanno about opening a bakery since he first started working for him.

“It feels great to work for myself and as an immigrant in the US and hopefully one day build something for my family,” he said.

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