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GhostBed was founded in 2015 as a bed-in-the-box company, although GhostBed’s founders have been in the mattress industry since 2001. The original GhostBed mattress is a full foam mattress made from gel memory foam, latex and a high density foam base. All GhostBed mattresses are made in the USA

The GhostBed Flex is a hybrid mattress that measures 13 inches and consists of seven layers of individually wrapped coils, gel memory foam, and a cooling quilt. The mattress also features proprietary Spirited Edge technology, which is said to provide edge support. The company says the GhostBed Flex has a medium level of firmness.

spirit bed flex »

spirit bed flex

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price (queen)
$2,130 $1,469.70

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Brief information:

  • 101-day trial period, one more day than many mattress brands

  • Individually wrapped pocket coils for less transfer of motion than ordinary coils

  • Two rows of reinforced coils around the edge to provide edge support

The GhostBed Flex is a hybrid mattress with seven layers, including a quilted top layer with woven cooling fibers. There are two layers of memory foam along with a GhostBounce layer that feels like both latex and memory foam. Beneath this layer sit 8.5-inch individually wrapped coils on a high-density backing layer designed to help with pressure relief and motion isolation. Around the edge of the mattress are two layers of specially reinforced spirals designed to prevent the edges from sagging.

The Flex has a CertiPUR-US certification, which means it’s not made with formaldehyde or heavy metals. CertiPUR-US certification means it should have low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can affect indoor air quality.

GhostBed rates this mattress a 6 on a hardness scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest. This means that it is about an average degree of mattress firmness. Those who like it a little firmer might prefer the classic GhostBed, which is a medium-firm mattress. In general, a medium-firm mattress should help with back pain.

The mattress has a 101 day trial period and returns can be processed after the 30th day and before the 101st day. GhostBed also offers a 25-year warranty on the mattress. GhostBed Flex prices range from $1,795 to $3,900, and GhostBed’s website lists them in sizes from twin to split king. Read our full breakdown of mattress reviews at different prices to find something for every budget.

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GhostBed Flex mattress

The GhostBed Flex is a hybrid mattress featuring two layers of gel memory foam, a proprietary foam layer said to be similar to latex and memory foam, and 8.5 inches of individually wound coils designed to help with motion isolation. Overall, the mattress is 13 inches tall and has a CertiPUR-US certification. Overall, the degree of hardness is medium. The GhostBed Flex comes with two layers of reinforced spirals around the mattress edge to prevent edge sag.

A queen-size flex mattress costs $2,280. This is above average for a hybrid mattress. Compared to other GhostBed mattresses, this mattress is cheaper than the GhostBed Luxe but more expensive than the GhostBed Classic. In contrast to the other mattresses in the hybrid mattress category, the Flex mattress is only available in one degree of firmness: medium. If you’re looking for a cheaper mattress, check out our top rated cheap mattresses.

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How long does a GhostBed Flex mattress last?

GhostBed Flex Mattress Warranty: 25 year guarantee

The GhostBed Flex has a 25 year guarantee, which is longer than the standard 10 year mattress guarantee. GhostBed mattresses must be purchased online through GhostBed’s website or from an authorized retailer to be eligible for a warranty. You must also register the mattress within the first 30 days of purchase for your warranty to be valid. Within the first 10 years, GhostBed will repair or replace the mattress, but customers are responsible for costs associated with handling and transportation.

Between 10 and 25 years, GhostBed will repair the mattress at its own discretion, but customers are responsible for handling costs. If GhostBed replaces the mattress, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping and any prorated fees for the mattress.

How do you return a GhostBed Flex mattress?

Test period of the GhostBed Flex mattress: 101 day sleep test

The Flex mattress offers a 101-day test sleep. Customers cannot return their mattress less than 30 days after purchase or more than 101 days after purchase. The test only allows the return of one mattress per household. Shipping is handled by GhostBed. If you are not happy with your mattress, you can donate the unwanted GhostBed Flex to a non-profit organization or church.

Does a GhostBed Flex mattress smell?

The GhostBed Flex is certified with CertiPUR-US, which means that the mattress has a low VOC content and is made without toxic chemicals. However, when you first open the Flex mattress, there may be a slight mattress odor that should dissipate within 24 hours. With any new mattress, be sure to open nearby windows and let the mattress air out before sleeping on it.

Does a GhostBed Flex mattress need a box spring bed?

According to GhostBed, the 13-inch high GhostBed Flex mattress does not require a box spring. With individually wrapped coils and memory foam, the hybrid mattress can be used with a slatted base provided the slats are no more than 5 inches apart. It can also be used with an adjustable base or a box spring base. It should be used on a solid foundation or base.

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