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The new popular, travel-friendly, TSA approved Go mouthwash is now available on Mable.

Sep 17, 2021 – Leading skin care brand Exershield Skin Care LLC is proud to announce the recent launch of their latest Go Mouthwash on leading online wholesale platform Mable. The new advanced travel mouthwash has already received rave reviews from users and Go Mouthwash is excited to be in contact with a large number of retailers and stores to expand the product’s reach among the masses.

Mable is a world-class mobile and web-based B2B wholesale platform that enables retailers to easily find and purchase quality products from suppliers and wholesalers of all sizes. Go Mouthwash was officially launched on Mable on September 14, 2021.

“We’re excited to announce that we recently launched our new and very popular Go mouthwash on Mable. We were looking for an online wholesale marketplace that would make shopping easier and more streamlined for our retailer friends, and there couldn’t be a better solution than Mable, ”said Karen Loper, co-founder of Exershield Skin Care LLC.

What keeps Mable at the forefront is its commitment to delivering the whole wholesale buying process to the buyers such as grocery store owners, small retailers, etc. Buyers only need to focus on finding the right product for their stores.

“We care about our dealer friends and always try to make things more convenient for them. We chose Mable strategically because the website is smartly designed to make it easier for retailers, brands and distributors to find and buy quality products. The platform ensures a simplified process with simple terms and conditions and streamlined invoicing, all of which create a very airy and comfortable environment for retailer shoppers. Mable’s central ordering and re-ordering function is another plus. In addition, because of its convenient shopping environment, Mable is haunted by a large number of retailers and shopkeepers every day, which would ultimately mean better distribution of our new mouthwash. ”

Go Mouthwash is a fast growing name in the modern oral hygiene scene and is designed to provide deep cleansing benefits. The mouthwash cleanses the dry mouth thoroughly and eliminates bad breath without leaving an overwhelming feeling unlike normal mouthwashes. The users also loved the cool mint taste of the product which helped keep their breath fresh for a long time.

Another important factor that sets Go Mouthwash apart from the crowd is its practical, travel-friendly packaging. The one-unit mouthwash comes in small portable pouches (bundled in cardboard boxes) that users can easily take with them when traveling or traveling. The product is TSA approved, which means that it is approved for use on flights.

“We know that a lot of people have to buy a new bottle of mouthwash every time they get to a destination by plane. This is because normal mouthwash bottles are not allowed on the plane. Our Go Mouthwash solves the problem with its intelligent TSA-approved, travel-friendly product packaging. ”

Please visit https://gomouthwash.com for more information

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