‘Go wholesale with it’ | 100% Disabled Vets in New Castle County No Longer Pay Property Taxes | The latest from the WDEL News


Completely disabled New Castle County veterans no longer pay county property taxes.

With the signing of County Executive Matt Meyer’s Order 22-043 on Thursday, May 12, 2022, veterans residing in the county who qualify for 100% disability through the US Veterans Administration will be exempt from their county property taxes relieved. It also reduces sewage and housing fees by 50% for the same veterans.

“Thank you Councilman [Penrose] Hollins’ leadership and indeed the support of all 13 members of the borough council – and believe me, it’s not often that the borough council reaches unanimity – so you’re now, if you’re 100% disabled, you’re going to be in New Castle County 100% exempt from your property taxes,” Meyer said. “It’s really important that those who have served our country and sacrificed for our country know that we stand behind them.”

For the signing, Meyer was joined at the Wilmington VA Medical Hospital in Elsmere by the center’s director, Vincent Kane, and the ordinance’s sponsor, County Councilor Penrose Hollins. Kane noted with the passage of this ordinance that many New Castle County veterans would be supported.

“I can say that the relief brought to our veterans who are 100% committed to the service and who call New Castle County home, [it] will bring immediate relief to nearly 2,500 veterans here in New Castle County,” he said. “So this is a tremendous opportunity.”

There are already 196 applicants seeking access to the exemption, Meyer said, and for those veterans who are not yet in the process of accessing it, Meyer encouraged them to visit NewCastleDE.gov or call the county at 302.573.2800.

Hollins noted that the county has previously taken similar action through partial action, but this will be something complete.

“Today, for veterans, we’re going wholesale with it,” he said. “[For] 100% disabled veterans receive a tax credit on their property taxes in New Castle County.”


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