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Grand Theft Auto Online always hosts one event or another – that is the nature of an online service game, after all. The latest example that hits the market on Thursday is Grand Theft Auto Onlinecycling-focused weekly event. As the name suggests, the event focuses on everything related to cycling, with a variety of Double GTA $ rewards and discounts available to players. Surprisingly though, what is perhaps the most exciting part of the Grand Theft Auto Online The event is that bicycles are currently available free of charge.

Rockstar has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto Online Players can open the Pedal and Metal Cycles shop on their iFruit phones to get the details right away. All bikes are completely free. These include the Whippet racing bike, the Endurex racing bike and the Tri-Cycles racing bike, as well as the cheaper BMX, Cruiser and Scorcher models with GTA $ 10,000. Of course, these are primarily expensive purchases, but every dollar saved can be spent on something even more exciting.

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Of course, this is not a permanent price cut. This is a limited time event that focuses on bicycles, both motorized and pedal variants. Bicycles are only free for one week in the Pedal and Metalcycles shop as the events start on Thursday. Grand Theft Auto Online Players who want to take advantage of the offer should log in and claim the free bikes soon.

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There are also additional offers for other bikes for the next week. For example, the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag was reduced by 40% to its GTA $ 976,000 price and the Pegassi Vortex by 40% to its GTA $ 356,000 price. Rockstar is also offering a 40% discount on all MC Clubhouses, the real estate for sale that was first introduced for in the 2016 Bikers Update Grand Theft Auto Online. These MC Clubhouses are a great way to display and store bikes.

More benefits this week Grand Theft Auto Online Event includes 2x GTA $ rewards and RP from cycling races, the Principe Lectro as a price increase at the Diamond Casino & Resort, 2x GTA $ for forging documents, counterfeit money and Weed MC sales missions, and 3x GTA $ and RP on the Hasta La Vista opponent mode. Bike fans have a choice of fun content this week.

Rockstar continues to offer unique opportunities for Grand Theft Auto Online Players to log in and earn rewards in a fun and exciting way. Each week seems to have a different type of bonus rewards experience. It’s a great way to stay busy until Grand Theft Auto OnlineThe next content update will fail.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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