Hubbard fireworks wholesaler says Ohio’s new fireworks law is pretty straightforward


HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Many people found Ohio’s old fireworks law confusing. You could buy them here, but you had to take them out of the country. Well, the law is clear and simple. Where to buy them and when it’s legal to shoot them down.

The country’s new fireworks law provides for 11 public holidays a year when shooting off fireworks is legal.

Fireworks Wholesale in Hubbard sells fireworks year round (Niles location is seasonal). The law still allows small fireworks, such as sparklers, year-round. But for those holidays on the list, people are buying to make their show look like the pros.

“They go up in the air at 150, 200 feet. They open with colorful breaks. They have all sorts of effects. Similar to what you might see at a professional show, but obviously on a smaller scale,” owner RT Naples said. “Most people are responsible. But if you shoot fireworks at 2am and have a party at 2am and it’s a school night, you know the police will come. You know.”

Ohioans must purchase fireworks in the state to shoot into the sky. Its popularity continues to grow and the new days legalizing it can only help the industry grow.

“They make noise and they make a mess. As long as you don’t make noise when you shouldn’t make noise, and as long as you clean up your mess, no one is really going to bother you,” Naples said.

Municipalities are allowed to make fireworks illegal. That didn’t happen in the Tri-County area, but it did in a few cities near Columbus, Toledo, and one near Cleveland.


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