I rated Nikes under retail on StockX. Here’s how


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I’m here to dispel the myth that StockX only sells overpriced shoes.

There are so many sneakers and other products available on the StockX website that are regularly sold below the original MSRP. If you’re not familiar with StockX, it’s a platform that allows individual buyers and sellers to exchange goods. Basically, StockX acts as a middleman for popular products by listing the current prices on its website. There, every seller can offer an item at the sale price that he considers appropriate for his product.

Items must be brand new to be sold, and StockX not only acts as a middleman, but also as a verification service, authenticating the items as genuine. Items determined to be non-new or non-authentic will be returned to the seller and the buyer will receive a refund.

StockX has gained popularity primarily as a platform for selling popular and hard-to-find sneakers. And usually these sneakers sell for a lot more than the original MSRP. But there is a way to shop at StockX without breaking the bank. in the This videoI reveal the one simple hack that will show you all the items that are available on the site at discounted prices.

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