Illinois authorities are recovering millions of dollars’ worth of stolen goods related to organized retail theft


CHICAGO – Authorities recovered multi-million dollar stolen property in connection with an organized retail theft ring, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul said Friday.

As reported by several organized smash and grabs over the past two years, this was the first major bankruptcy of the Organized Retail Crime Task Force, led by the Attorney General’s Office.

Raoul’s Task Force on Organized Retail Crime, with the assistance of the Chicago Police Department, carried out search warrants in eight storage units in two locations.

The units contained four semi-trailers of goods, including clothing, beauty products, furniture, groceries, and electronics from several nationwide retailers. While a full inventory is in progress, the value of the stolen goods is estimated at several million dollars.

“Organized retail theft is about more than lost revenue and stolen products. Often times, the criminal organizations behind these crimes are linked to other crimes such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. I am committed to identifying the perpetrators of this and other organized retail crime in Illinois, ”said Raoul.

The investigation by the Task Force on Organized Retail Crime will continue in the coming weeks.


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