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Borrowing cheap money when it suits you best and under the best conditions, that is the promise of borrowing from Snaploan Online (SNLO).

Via a fully online method (without the intervention of an expensive advisor), Snaploan Online makes it possible to compare, request and (accelerate) repay the best loans online. A cost-effective method and you will notice that immediately in your wallet; You have a consumer credit or a loan from 3.5%

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Borrow money for the first time

Consumer credit

Are you borrowing money for the first time? Then it is important to know the term 'consumer credit'. A consumer credit is a loan that is used for products and services with a limited shelf life. For example, a car does not last forever and a booked holiday can only take place once.

Another characteristic of a consumer credit is that there is no collateral as with a mortgage. You borrow money based on your income. If your income offers sufficient security to repay the desired loan, we will make a realistic proposal.

Types of consumer credit

Consumer credit come in various forms. These are the most common loan forms:

Important : Private lease is not a consumer credit, but a rental agreement. If you have a private lease on a car, you will never become the owner of the car as with a car loan .

For which loans can you contact us?

Loan forms

At Snaploan Online you can choose from Personal Loans and Revolving Loans. Do you want to borrow a high amount for, for example, a holiday home or a major renovation? Then you can also combine these loan forms in a combination of credit at different banks.

View all loan forms and variations .

Personal loan

All costs are transparent in advance with a Personal Loan, which is why the loan is often referred to in the same breath as responsible borrowing.

  • The Personal Loan is a loan with a fixed total amount (loan amount plus interest).
  • You reduce the total amount by repaying a fixed amount every month during a pre-agreed term.
  • You can always make extra repayments without penalty.
  • The loan will be transferred to you in full immediately after approval by the bank.

With a Personal Loan you therefore know exactly how much you have to pay per month, how long you still have to pay and what the total costs of your loan are.

More information about Personal Loan

Revolving credit

With a Revolving Credit you can constantly borrow money again up to a pre-agreed amount, you decide how much you transfer to your checking account.

  • A Revolving Credit is comparable to the overdraft on a bank account, but on average three times cheaper.
  • You can borrow money up to a maximum amount and you can withdraw everything you repay.
  • You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn.
  • You can always make extra repayments without penalty.
  • The loan is immediately available after approval.

A Revolving Credit is therefore the ideal loan form if you have a recurring borrowing need and are looking for a cheaper alternative to, for example, the credit card and overdraft.

More information about Revolving Credit

One of the most frequently asked questions

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow is determined on the basis of your income and expenses. We look at, among other things, how much you earn, how stable your income is, how high your fixed costs are and what kind of costs these are. For example, a mortgage is assessed differently from the rental costs of a private sector home. If you have been an entrepreneur for at least three years and you have a demonstrable stable income, you can count on extra support. (all loans for entrepreneurs )

The more stable and higher the income in relation to the expenses, the higher the loan amount and the lower the interest.

- Armil Velos
Partner and Director of Snaploan Online


View all factors that influence your maximum loan or immediately calculate how much you can borrow.

Calculate how much you can borrow

Applying for a loan

How it works

You can borrow money online at Snaploan Online in four simple steps.

1 Apply online

Tell us a little more about yourself and your wishes. We then request the best offer from the banks.

2 Compare the offers

You will receive the offer of 5 banks in 1 overview. You can then indicate whether and which offer you want to use.

Deliver 3 pieces

If you have opted for an offer, you can digitally supply the required documents in your personal environment.

4 Payout

After we have received all documents in good order, we will arrange the rest and ensure that the bank pays out within 2 working days.

Read more about our working method .

Wondering if your current loan can be cheaper?

Transfer loan

Do you currently have a loan with an interest rate higher than 3.5% and do you want to reduce your monthly costs, the term and the total costs? You can also contact De Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij.

Via our transfer tool you can immediately calculate your savings and request a no-obligation proposal.

In addition to reducing your total and / or monthly costs, you can also contact us for a no-obligation offer with favorable conditions. With this offer you can, for example, obtain a clear overview of what a loan costs with or without term life insurance. Handy if you started living together or maybe even had children.

Do you want to transfer a loan to another loan form? That is also possible.

Calculate your savings immediately
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More than 2121 customers have already rated us

Where do we make the difference?

More than 2121 customers have already rated us and give our services on Trustpilot.nl a 9.6


Customer focused, fast and easy

"The service check, 6 months after taking out our loan, has saved us a lot of costs. Due to a more favorable interest rate. Their portal is super user-friendly. And you will almost always hear back within a day. Also a lot of personal attention and friendly employees. Would Give 6 stars if I could. :) "

Posted on: 05-01-2021

LWF van der Wijst

Great commitment

"Great deployment, from 1st contact to execution arranged within 6 hours, very fast switching, settlement and fulfillment of commitments"

Posted on: 05-01-2021

Satisfied customer

Good and clear explanation

"Good and clear explanation, quick responses and even if the interest rate falls, you get the opportunity to take out the loan free of charge."

Posted on: 05-01-2021

Satisfied customer

Top experience!

"Top experience !! I was in a hurry with the application and they certainly delivered!"

Posted on: 04-01-2021

Polman Garden

Fast and good service

"Fast and good service, keeps you well informed even if, for example, extra documents are needed. The website is user-friendly and everything is clear. Friendly and professional."

Posted on: 03-01-2021


Great service

"Excellent service! Even if the interest rate falls, they offer the opportunity to take out the loan again: lower monthly costs!"

Posted on: 29-12-2020


Great help

"Excellent help, quickly dealt with and not pushy or something like that, so in our opinion well arranged through the Dutch credit company."

Posted on: 28-12-2020


Clear, reliable and helpful

"A clear list of credit providers is provided. The application clearly communicates which documents must be submitted. If there are any questions, this can be answered by telephone or e-mail. Quick response by e-mail and will be friendly by telephone. They think along with the customer for support. "

Posted on: 09-11-2020

RH van Kampen

Very smooth handling

"Very smooth handling. Easy links where you can upload the required documents in a well-organized manner. And always kept informed of the progress. Glad I took the step to transfer my loans. It makes a huge difference in the interest rate and the term. , and the monthly amount.

Posted on: 25-10-2020


Fast and friendly service

"Fast, clear and friendly communication. Helpful, both by email and by telephone. Very satisfied!"

Posted on: 17-10-2020


Fast handling

"Fast handling, which is very important to me and everything was very clearly no question marks afterwards"

Posted on: 14-10-2020

Martin Fransen

Positive mediation

"Searched the internet and I ended up with the Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij. They handled everything quickly and very carefully. Very happy with their approach."

Posted on: 13-10-2020

Kees Ridderhof

Arranged quickly

"Quickly arranged and the lowest interest"

Posted on: 12-10-2020


Fast and professional

"Applied for credit for the first time in my life. It was quite exciting, how does it work, what do I have to deliver. It was not a reason for concern. It was well-organized and clear. For additional information I was nicely called and explained. And actually arranged very quickly. Thank you Dutch Credit Company. "

Posted on: 07-10-2020

mister hat man

have applied for a loan for a camper

"applied for a loan to buy a camper very easy acceptance delivered my annual figures of 3 years because I am my own boss it was arranged in no time. top"

Posted on: 17-09-2020


Transferring and merging loans at lower interest rates.

"Expert and fast help with the transfer and merging of our loans and on very favorable terms. New loan with a considerably lower interest rate. Keep it up !!!!"

Posted on: 03-09-2020


The Nederlands Kredietmaatschappij thinks along with you

"The Nederlands Kredietmaatschappij thinks along with you during the term and there are cheaper credits available, they will contact you and you can use the better offer."

Posted on: 02-09-2020

BBJ Alsemgeest

clarity speed and kindness

"Applying for a personal loan is very easy to understand and the speed with which work is carried out very pleasant to experience. The handling of the loan also runs smoothly, you are kept informed and you know exactly where you stand. staff also pleasant and know what they are doing. My experience with the Dutch credit company went well, hence my rating on 5 stars "

Posted on: 19-08-2020


Top team

"I was well and quickly helped by the employees of the Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij. With questions I could contact friendly and cheerful employees by telephone and e-mail. Nothing is too much for them and they help you where they can to make the process run quickly. Thanks again for everything! You have a top team. 10 with a pencil. "

Posted on: 17-08-2020


Above expectations and helped quickly

"Super thought, super clear, and fast. Elsewhere submit first then quotation. And here immediately quotation, then approval and then submit documents, but in one word fantastic compared to many competitors"

Posted on: 08/14/2020

V Tadic

Professional team

"Professional team who are all looking for the best solution for their customer's needs; communicate clearly," hear "and understand their customer, and give good advice thanks to their knowledge of their profession. That gave me absolute confidence in their organization, and it also gave me a safe feeling. I recommend the Dutch Credit Company to everyone. VT "

Posted on: 11-08-2020


As always, I was well served

"As always, I was well helped. I have already used your services, which I liked very well, and now again. I came with a question, and a week later the money was deposited. At least these people know what they are doing. Being busy. In the past I have been helped by Halmar, and now by Halmar and Michel.

Posted on: 10-08-2020

BF Clock

This went bizarrely well

"This went bizarrely well! Very good and clear communication from SNLO, agreements are fulfilled, and the credit was arranged much faster than I am used to. The online submission of the documents was also very easy and clear. Compliments!"

Posted on: 06-08-2020

Mrs. Y

We have been doing business for years

"We have been doing business with us for years and we are very satisfied! Reliable and proactive! Thank you for everything SNLO."

Posted on: 05-08-2020

Premnath Pitai

Clear and clear about ...

"Clear and clear about submitting the documents. Website is very user-friendly. Very satisfied with the rapid progress of the loan."

Posted on: 05-08-2020
What do you want to borrow money for?

Loan purposes

car car

A car is an important part of life and sometimes even essential for making money. At Snaploan Online we understand that and we offer you tools and information to take out the cheapest car loan.

Loan for a car
home improvement home improvement

If your renovation costs are less than US $ 25,000, a Personal Loan is cheaper than a mortgage. In addition to the lower costs, the loan is also tax-deductible, can be repaid extra without penalty and is more flexible than an average sustainability loan.

Loan for a renovation
recreation house recreation house

With a combination credit you can borrow up to a maximum of 150,000 us dollar for your holiday home / investment (abroad). Unlike a mortgage, you can finance up to 100% with a combination credit.

Loan for a holiday home

All loan purposes

Do you have questions?
Our team has the answers.

If you want to borrow money, you probably also have questions. For example, which loan suits your loan goal or how we work. That is why we have collected the most frequently asked questions, important concepts and loan goals for you.


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