It’s the holiday season! Shop safely, shop smart



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Believe it or not, the 2021 Christmas shopping season is just around the corner and promises to be unpredictable. the Labor shortage and Supply chain problems already throw a wrench in the Christmas shopping. Electronics, toys and other products are (or are) scarce and retailers are Trouble to increase staff when the shopping season approaches.

Just like in 2020, people plan to start their Christmas shopping early. Pay attention to offers in good time Black Friday sale. Retailers expect too even more people are shopping online.

Product shortages and increased online shopping are likely to lead to even more online purchase fraud this year. These scams made up nearly 40% of all, according to the fraud cases reported to BBB Scam Tracker in 2020 2020 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report. Bottlenecks are likely to make purchase fraud even more common as desperate shoppers hop on dodgy websites find this year’s must-have gift.

BBB recommends the following tips for “Safe shopping, smart shopping” this Christmas season:

  • Do some research before buying. Use and buyer ratings to do your homework before paying. Look for the BBB seal. BBB accredited companies are committed to upholding BBB standards for trust and treating consumers fairly. If a company displays a BBB seal, check it out by clicking. walk
  • Make sure the website is safeLook for “https” in the URL (the additional s stands for “safe”) and a small lock symbol in the address bar. Never enter payment or personal information into a website with only “http” – it is NOT secure. Check the URL, look for bad grammar, research the age of the domain, and look for contact information. Tracking information can also be falsified. Look carefully to make sure it is a legitimate business. Avoid clicking the tracking link; Go to the shipper’s website and enter the code to see if it’s real.
  • If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers have access to the tools they need to learn more about your buying behavior and offer exactly what you want at enticingly low prices. The main motivating factor for people who made a purchase and then lost money was price. Don’t buy based on price alone. Even professional photos do not mean that it is a real offer. Respondents said website photos motivated them to work with scammers, especially on pets / pet supplies, clothing / accessories and vehicles.
  • Report unsatisfactory purchasing experiences to BBB. If you’re not happy with a purchase, submit a complaint complaints. If you’ve never got what you paid for, consider reporting it to BBB Scam Tracker ( to help other consumers avoid fraud.


If you are a victim of a scam, report it BBB scam tracker. To find a company you can trust, visit



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