Joplin School Board Considering Equipment Upgrades | Local news



Two school programs could see equipment upgrades after Tuesday’s Joplin Board of Education meeting.

The JetHD broadcast program, for which courses are offered by Joplin High School and Franklin Technology Center, seeks to purchase lenses, viewfinders, and zoom-focus controls to replace the equipment currently in use. The original cameras were bought with a grant three years ago, administrators said in information provided to the board for the meeting.

“With these new items, we can use the cameras for sporting events,” administrators said. “The cameras take photos in the new 4K resolution and, in combination with the proposed camera equipment, will provide a much clearer image for transmission.”

The board will consider approving B&H’s offer of $ 46,110 for the equipment. It was the lowest bid made. Three quarters of the cost would be paid primarily through a grant from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, with the remaining 25% coming from local district funds.

McKinley Elementary School is seeking interactive flat panel displays from a single provider, Tierney Brothers, priced at $ 36,999. The panels would be provided with a service that would allow the main office to “communicate” with them to announce fire drills, burglar alarms, and other messages.

The panels would also enable a more collaborative classroom environment as they can connect to Chromebook devices, administrators said. Teachers could manage the board from anywhere in their classroom and also create content and show it to their students on the screen.

The costs would be met from designated federal funds.

In other deals on Tuesday, the board will consider:

• A proposal, four school buses and two lots on Pennsylvania Ave. 4002 and Jackson Ave. 1430 to be declared as surplus.

• Renewal of licenses and software used throughout the school district.

• Updated guidelines on virtual courses and criminal background checks for employees.

• An agreement with Associates in Sign Language LLC to support services required by some individualized educational programs.

• A proposal to refinance bonds from Stifel Financial Corp.

In addition, representatives from Crossland Construction Co. will brief the Board of Directors on the construction projects for the Kelsey Norman Elementary School and the new Dover Hill Elementary School.



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