Kia EV6 wholesale deliveries surprisingly fell in August 2022


Kia reports that its August global vehicle sales rose 10.4% year-on-year to 239,887 units, another positive sign that the parts supply situation is improving. Thanks to the last few months, the annual result also improved compared to 2021, reaching 1,919,106 (plus 0.8%).

However, all is not so good as we don’t see any signs of the Kia EV6 ramping up production in the company’s stats.

Last month, wholesale sales of the Kia EV6 (closely related to production) totaled 4,778 units, with 1,672 in South Korea and 3,106 exported. That’s 15.7% down on a year ago when the EV6 was launched and the lowest result since launch.

Kia reports wholesale sales (at manufacturer level or factory sales), unaudited and on a preliminary basis.

The wholesale results are quite surprising as there is no sign that demand for the Kia EV6 has slowed down. We would expect more like 6, 8 or more thousand per month.

So far this year, the Kia EV6’s wholesale volume has surpassed 55,000, leaving us with the projection that at least 80,000 is possible in 2022 (at the current rate).

In total, the company produced more than 84,000 EV6s. Most of them (over 56,000) were exported.

In its monthly sales data report, Kia also lists 4,499 retail sales of the Kia EV6 outside of South Korea, including 1,840 in the United States. Only in Europe did the company sell more – 2,135.

Retail sales of the Niro EV and Soul EV outside of South Korea totaled 2,298 and 287 respectively (we don’t have numbers for Kia’s home market).

Kia BEV sales last month:

  • EV6: 4,499 retail sales outside of South Korea
    (4,778 in wholesale – 1,672 in South Korea and 3,106 in export)
  • Niro EV: 2,298 retail sales outside South Korea
  • Soul EV: 287 retail sales outside of South Korea
  • Total*: at least 8,756 (15% more than last year) or 3.7% of the total volume
    *Retail sales data from South Korea and overseas (differs from press release)

Unfortunately, Kia does not report PHEV numbers.


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